How to Choose a China Yoga Mat Manufacturer ?

China is a big manfuacturer of yoga mats. Every year, customers from all over the world come to China to place orders for yoga mats and related yoga products. So do you also need to purchase some yoga products for resale in order to get more profits? Next, we will introduce you how to buy yoga products in China.

Are China Yoga Mat Still Competitive?

Despite the continuous increase in production costs over the years, China still maintains a price advantage over other countries. This is due to extreme competition among manufacturers superior to China. For the same yoga product, there will be hundreds of suppliers giving quotations, and they may be manufacturers in the same region. This will result in the fact that the price of Chinese exports will not be too high, so China is still your only country of choice to reduce procurement costs.

Benefits of China Yoga Mat Manufacturer

Choosing to buy yoga mats from China has these three advantages

● The cost of purchasing yoga mats from China will be very low

This is generally accepted. The prices of products exported from China are quite cheap, which will bring you more profit margins. You can resell yoga products purchased from China in your local area. In order to obtain n times the profit growth. So reducing the cost of purchasing is very beneficial to you. Our advanced yoga mat technology and production capacity can save you time and money.

● Strict quality assurance

Many people think that Chinese products will be poor, which is totally wrong perception. All products exported from China have undergone strict quality inspections, so there is no need to worry about the quality of Chinese yoga mats.

● Fast delivery time

The average working hours of Chinese workers is 12 hours. With a large amount of labor, you can get products in the shortest time. There will be no problems that cannot be sold due to insufficient supply.

How to Find a Suitable China Yoga Mat Manufacturer?

Using methodology is very important, we provide it in three stages:

China Yoga Mats Manufacturer

Comparison and pre-selection stage

China supplier verification stage and selection

The research phase of Chinese suppliers is relatively easy, you only need to search on search engines or specialized websites (Alibaba, Global source, Made in China…), or for example browse the following list: a specialized program, always see many Chinese The existence of the company.

The comparison phase includes a technical comparison of the products offered, the prices of the selected suppliers and their response time. Then you can select 2 to 3 Chinese suppliers in advance.

Then, it is necessary to verify the pre-selected suppliers, and verify the existence of the company (license, address), factory or intermediary company, the percentage of subcontracted manufacturing, whether it meets the specifications, and reference for verification. For this reason, it is best to use a pre-established questionnaire to send to each company and then check it. After selecting two suppliers and sampling them at the same time to test their quality and reactivity, it may be interesting.

Your Trusted China Yoga Mat Manufacturer

Morgiana fitness is a manufacturer of yoga products from China. Based on the development model of combining production and trade, Morgiana fitness provides customers with one-stop yoga and fitness product procurement services, aiming at maximizing the integration of resources and selling products from its own factory. The products were shipped to major retailers in the United States and Europe – Wal-Mart, Costco, Woolworths, etc.

Morgiana fitness has an excellent product development team, can timely sense the industry trends, to provide consumers with hot single products. Morgiana fitness has an experienced QC team that will QC every order in accordance with international AQL standards. We are confident to be your strong business partner, to create more value for customers.

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