How to Control the Yoga Mat Quality?

Fast shipping within 1-day quality is the characteristic or attribute of the yoga mat, which is also the basis for the survival and development of the enterprise. Good yoga mats are manufactured, not inspected. Therefore, the key to quality is management.

To improve the quality of the yoga mat, should start from the whole production process, from relevant links, and grasp every link.

Our position and concept: replace “best quality” with “optimum quality”; And “optimal quality” is to let the customer feel “the most satisfactory quality”.

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Three major quality controls of below:

1. Incoming material control and inventory quality control

The 5R principle of feed control refers to the procurement of materials at the right time, the right quality, the right amount, the right price, and the right place. The realization of 5R can ensure the demand, cost, quality, and other aspects of the material supply requirements.

(1) timely Right Time, when needed, timely supply of materials, continuous material.

(2) Suitable RightQuality, purchased materials and materials sent from the warehouse, the quality meets the standard.

(3) Proper quantity, purchase quantity, and stock should be properly controlled to prevent dull materials and excessive appropriation of funds from obtaining required materials at a reasonable cost.

(4) The Right Price, with a reasonable cost to obtain the required materials.

(5) Purchase from the nearest supplier or the most convenient supplier at the Right Place to ensure that the materials can be supplied at any time.

Process control and SPC – Statistical process control

Prepare the process quality management plan

Equipment spot inspection and instrument calibration

First article inspection

Operator independent inspection:

Process tour

Quality exception handling

Inspection records

Adverse statistical analysis

Identification and identification of non-conforming products

Application of control chart

Limit sample application

Implementation of kanban management

3. Terminal control and customer satisfaction:

Determination and commitment from top management

Keep customers loyal to us forever

Strive for customers with strict quality requirements

Implement the “one vote veto system” for all members

Establish an enterprise environment where employees are satisfied

Attach importance to education and training

Establish good environmental quality

Always cultivate the supplier concept

yoga mat factory

Quality management and staff improvement

1. 6S management and quality

(1) SEIRI: Distinguish between items to be used and items not to be used, resolutely clear the items not to be used from the scene, and only keep the items to be used.

(2) SEATON: Put the articles to be used in order according to the specified position, and do a good job of identification management.

(3) Cleaning (SEISO): clean the contaminated parts of equipment, environment, and other production factors on site and keep them clean.

(4) Cleaning (SEIKETSU): to maintain the situation after the above sorting, rectification and cleaning, so it is also called “3S” activities.

(5) Quality (shitsuke) : Everyone should abide by the rules and regulations of the company and develop good working habits

(6) SAFETY: Work according to the operating procedures to avoid accidents.

TPM and all staff improve independently

TPM(Total Productive Maintenance) refers to the company including production, development, design, sales, and management departments, all sectors, from top management to front-line staff participation and repeated small group activities, in pursuit of production limit as the goal, constructing the system of can prevent all waste and challenge the fault zero is zero, zero waste, poor efficiency of enterprises, As well as departments, teams, and groups of independent improvement activities of dynamic enterprises. Expected effect:

(1) Tangible effects:

Improve the quality

Reduce the cost

Shorten the production and management cycle

A reduction in inventory

Improve labor productivity and equipment efficiency

Less waste at work

Reduce market complaints

Reduce all kinds of losses

Eliminate potential safety hazards

Improving the number of proposals increased

Intangible effect:

Enhance employee awareness of improvement

Improve the skill level of employees

Foster an aggressive corporate culture

In addition, we also listed the problems that may occur in the quality management of yoga mats:

1: stomata lack material

2: fly edge raw edge

3: scratch indentation

4: dirty color class

5: poor color fastness 3M tape test fade

6: products and printing, there is a color difference

7: uneven sections, large weight error, inconsistent thickness

8: round label sticky bad, round card off

9: composite layer adhesion is not firm, hand tear layer

10: After opening the box, there is a large odor

Quality management of late yoga mat:

1. Check the stack of large goods, count the number of boxes, and pump boxes according to AQL requirements.

2. Measure the box gauge and weight, check the information on the box marks and do the slamming test.

3. After unpacking, conduct a smell test to check whether the product has a peculiar smell.

4. Check the number of products in each box and the packing condition.

5. Compare products with approved samples. (material, color, pattern, packaging, etc.)

6. Measure and record the products’ length, width, size, and thickness.

7. If multiple products are placed together, check whether there is a color difference.

8. Test the color fastness of the printed area with 3M adhesives.

9. Test the product with wet and dry cloth friction.

10. Perform a tensile test on products, composite materials, and composite surfaces

11. Perform a press rebound test on the product

12. Sample check a certain proportion according to AQL regulations, and weigh the record.

13. Each product was carefully inspected, marked the defects, placed in categories, and counted the quantity.

Send back sealed samples for bulk products.

Quality is not the best, only better; Quality improvement is a continuous and perfect process, which follows the PDCA model. PDCA mode can be summarized as follows:

P — Plan: make an improvement plan according to product requirements;

D – Implementation: implementation plan;

C — Inspection: inspect the process and products according to product requirements;

A – Disposal: take measures to continuously improve product quality.

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We will continue to improve the quality and innovation and will continue to win the market.

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