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This is an article for yoga beginners. It will answer some beginner’s questions such as What are the benefits of doing yoga? Can everyone practice yoga? Where can I practice yoga?

What is yoga?

Yoga is a technique that has been developed in India for thousands of years.  The purpose of practicing yoga is to achieve harmony between body and mind.  Yoga is synonymous with a clear mind and a strong body, and it describes the steps you must take to achieve this state.  Yoga is a practical philosophy of life that aims to give people a healthier life, give people a deeper understanding of life, and let people know what they want to pursue.  

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The word “yoga” comes from ancient Indian Sanskrit and originally means “to mount a harness or harness.”  Think of it as a tool that connects the body and the mind.  Thousands of years ago, people began to pursue the unity of opposites, just as they do today.  

Yoga may mean many things, but eventually, you will come up with your own version of yoga.

What are the benefits of doing yoga?

Yoga can improve people’s coordination and flexibility, can exercise people’s strength and perseverance, can promote metabolism, prevent cardiovascular disease, and benefit the spine and motor organs.

In addition to preventing disease and relieving stress, yoga can also regulate individual psychology to better adapt to social life.  Many of us may have experienced this kind of confusion — unable to find a connection with ourselves, unable to find communication with the outside world, and filled with a sense of loss.

Can everyone practice yoga?

“Anyone who breathes can practice yoga.” This legendary quote comes from the famous yoga guru T.K.S. Krishnamacharya. It describes why yoga is neither a sport nor a religion. No matter how old you are, no matter how stiff you are, no matter how strong you are, if you can breathe, yoga is a great way to a peaceful and free spiritual world. Yoga can also improve joint flexibility and improve people’s satisfaction with their health.

Where can I practice yoga?

Yoga can be practiced anywhere people can breathe.  

Ideally, practice on a flat surface, especially on a resilient wood floor.  It is best to have a cushion, and then add some auxiliary tools, such as blankets or blocks of wood.  Preferably the environment is quiet and not too cold.  

You can practice yoga on the promenade of Times Square, in an economics class, or in your office next to a coffee vending machine.  As long as you are able to focus and concentrate completely on yourself and your practice, external circumstances have no effect on your yoga practice.  

For starters, the right space will help you practice yoga.  Because this way, you will be willing to approach the space and feel comfortable, whether it is at home or in the yoga class.  Yoga teaches self-discipline, but it also teaches humility and harmony with the world around you.

How many types of yoga?

Since its birth, yoga has undergone various changes, forming a variety of methods and traditions to practice yoga, some yoga schools are full of power, full of challenges;  Some people sweat profusely in rhythm;  Some are soft and easy to enter into meditation;  Some emphasize precision in place, with healing effects.

Ashtanga Yoga

Anusara Yoga

Iyengar Yoga

Jivamukti Yoga

Spirit Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

Yin yoga

Yoga is not a religion, but a practical philosophy of life. Yoga will give you space for personal growth, not a dogma of faith

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