How to Buy a Correct Yoga Wheel?

The yoga wheel also called the Dharma wheel, is often used as a yoga assistive device. Different from the traditional yoga block, it is full of modern beauty and fashion sense. Completely fit the spine of the body, mainly used to help sculpture shape. It is good to improve temperament.

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The yoga wheel also improves the flexibility of the body and releases pressure on the neck muscles. Help relax the back muscles, open the chest and shoulders, promote blood circulation, benefit the central nervous system, enhance the flexibility of the spine, and improve posture. At the same time, it can also be used as a support device for handstands and other asanas. There are so many good effects. Why not use the yoga wheel?

A yoga wheel that has a certain weight and hardness that can ensure its stability, which is not easy to deform. In addition, good anti-slip wear performance is also indispensable. Now let’s talk more about what to do when buying a yoga wheel.

Generally speaking, the yoga wheel is divided into two layers. The inner layer is usually made of pressure-resistant resin synthetic material to withstand 150 kilograms of weight. This material can ensure the safety of yoga practitioners, as well as stability during practice. The outer layer is generally made of thermoplastic elastic material with a thickness of 5 mm, such as TPE, EVA, and CORK, which can play a non-slip and good elasticity, and can buffer the resistance force very well when the body is pressed down.

A yoga wheel roller is used for back pain, stretching, improving flexibility and back bending, improving yoga poses, helping to improve flexibility, and accomplishing more challenging poses. The Exercise Yoga Wheel will help stretch the hips, abdomen, chest, and back and massage the spine in a safe and deep way. Why own a yoga wheel? The benefits of yoga wheels are here.

1. Exercise your core
The practice vest line has an obvious effect.

2. Replace Yoga blocks

Solve the problem of the yoga block can not move, self-initiative control yoga wheel, and safety improvement.

3. Assisted handstand

It is a good aid for practicing handstands.

4. Exercise balance

Practice self-regulation of gravity, distribution, and balance.

5. Adjust the difficulty of exercise freely

Practice asanas freely to make them easy or difficult.

6. Spinal massage

7. Open the front of your body

8. Auxiliary depth back bending

9. Auxiliary Flexibility exercises

10. Challenge and improve balance

So many above-mentioned advantages of using the yoga wheel. Do you want to ask who the yoga wheel is for? Let us see below:

1. For beginners, when using the yoga wheel to help practice backbends as an aid to protect the joints.

2. For crooked chest hunchback, because of sitting for a long time, is easily caused by bad posture. Then will lead to the respiratory system being affected. Or shoulder and neck problems, chest tightness, dizziness, insomnia, and other phenomena.

3. Intermediate and advanced practitioners, in addition to the practice of backbends, can extend the practice of handstands, support, and balance-related asanas using different yoga wheels.

I guess everyone must care about and wonder about the Core point is how to choose a yoga wheel. Here are four things to focus on it.

Yoga Wheel material, the key factor

Outer layer: TPE/EVA/CORK/PVC
TPE Yoga Wheel

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EVA Yoga Wheel

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PVC Yoga Wheel

yoga wheel manufacturer

CORK Yoga Wheel

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Inner layer: The yoga wheel’s inner layer on the market can be divided into PP/ABS (plastic materials) and wood.

PP (plastic materials)

Smooth strong inner PP Plastic tube for robust support to ensure you roll on the wheel with ease and safe, which can withstand weights in excess of about 150kg. It gets more and more popular because of its lower price, safe material, and strong weight.

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ABS (plastic materials)

This material is often used for irregular yoga wheels. Its hardness is than PP& PVC. The price is more expensive than PVC & PP.

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The disadvantage of wood is manual manufacturing. The production time is longer, and the price is more expensive. Because of the handle, the advantage is relatively hard and durable.
And the hand is easier to grasp, and the action can be maintained for a long time to stretch the muscle. The effect is better.

Wooden yoga wheels are not recommended for beginners because of their high cost.

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Do Choose a weight-bearing yoga wheel
The heavier yoga wheel is more stable when used and not easy to shake.

3Pls Choose a yoga wheel that feels soft to the touch
If the yoga wheel is not hard enough or too soft, it is easy to cause deformation of the yoga wheel and causes bodily injury.
However, the outer layer of the yoga wheel is recommended to be soft and elastic. Do Choose environmental protection material. Usually, when using a yoga wheel, the user directly contacts the outer layer, so the outer wheel material is very important. It is recommended to choose environmental protection materials, like TPE, EVA, and CORK.

Choose a yoga wheel with good skid resistance
The yoga wheel is used as a support aid for us, so skid resistance is important to help us complete the pose and avoid injury.

The yoga wheel is a perfect aid for beginners. How to pick up the best one, let me make a conclusion simply.

The First choice of the inner layer is the high-quality environmental PP material, which to practice yoga without hidden trouble. Pls, note it is not the thicker of the inner, the wheel is the better. It is mistaken cognition.

TPE is preferred for the outer wheel, which is environmentally friendly and tasteless. It is clear anti-slip lines and reliable performance. TPE material is a stable rebound and safe care.

When choosing a yoga wheel, the first thing to consider is the weight. Generally, the heavy yoga wheel is more stable when used and will not sway.

Second, to see the hardness of the yoga wheel. If it is too soft, it is easy to deform. It is not allowed.  It is so bad to easily cause physical injury.

Let me emphasize this again. When we use the yoga wheel, we are usually in contact with the outer wheel. So the material of the outer wheel is a key, which must be environmentally friendly, and has a certain thickness and good anti-skid performance.

Hope this information can help you know a lot about the yoga wheel. Spending low cost to get the correct yoga wheel. If you have good ideas of how to purchase.,warmly welcome to tell & discuss with me.

Happy every day!

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