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We have over 8 years of professional experience in making Yoga items. We ensure that every process is done to the highest possible standards for our client's satisfaction.

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Morgiana is the best group in China for yoga products with over 8+ years of experience. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with top-of-the-line machinery managed by highly-skilled technicians. This enables us to produce quality Yoga products with excellent efficiency and at lower costs.

Morgiana is located in Ningbo city with more than 30,000 square meters area in China. Now, we have a production capacity of 20,000 pieces Yoga products a month with more than 150+ employees.

After 8 years of first-class sales and service, our team has been enlarged to 55 people. You can also provide your ideas or designs and we can turn them into finished.

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Yoga Mats Manufacturing Process

Foaming Process


Machine commissioning and brushing is included boiler heating and preheating, parameter setting and debugging of each area, the relevant slurry and net cloth on the machine in place. After the needle board has brushed the paste of the net cloth traction to the temperature chamber high temperature foaming molding.

Splitting Process


After foaming to form a heavy & thick long block, using a machine commissioning to split different size ,different thickness to take a general shape according to the customized requirement.



Adjusting the grinding tool of embossing well, then to use high density machine to embossing the pattern of the front & back sides to meet the private demands.



Regulating the machine parameters firstly, then putting the mat with completed embossed paterns on the machine to cut the correct size based on the different need.


Texture Pressing

To make a beautiful yoga mat,using "magic " machine to press the texture on the yoga mat.

Packing Process


Picking out any dirt,scratch, uneven printing, uncorrect size firstly, then to use OPP film or papar sleeve with elastic band to wrap.After that putting rolled up mat into the cartons.

Quality control

As a professional yoga manufacturer, we strictly control yoga quality and are committed to providing you and your customers with safe and comfortable yoga products.

Check the Color

Check the color and compared with pantone book.

Check the Smell

Check the smell of yoga mat.

check quantity per carton

Check Quantity Per Carton

Check the quantity of carton.

Check the overall appearance

Check the Appearance

Check the appearance, size (l,w,h), and weight.

Check the Humidity

Check the humidity of carton.


Check the Packing

Check whether the packing details are correct.


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