6 Tips to Find a Suitable Massage Ball Manufacturer in China?

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people are growing their health awareness. More and more people are joining the healthy life and happy work generous team. Let’s talk about how to start a magic weapon to strengthen your health and relax your body anytime today

.Wow, that is Massage Ball. Of course, everyone must wonder why little small massage balls can become artifact treasures. I will recommend 6 Tips to find a Suitable Massage Ball Manufacturer in China.

How to use 6 Tips to find a Suitable Massage Ball Manufacturer in China. Next step let’s introduce where it comes from. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, a blacksmith in Baoding City met a doctor with excellent medical skills.

It is said that this doctor is the descendant of the divine doctor Hua Tuo. He is very proficient in the acupoints of his opponents. He often helps people heal their diseases by massaging the acupoints in their hands, which is very popular with people.

 When talking with the magic doctor and talking about the acupoints in their hands, blacksmiths began to ponder. The surface of ordinary iron balls is smooth, which is not ideal for massaging acupoints. What can be done to enhance the good effect of massage?

After much thought, blacksmiths began to try adding small iron points on the surface of ordinary iron balls. After 36 times to attempt, finally they successfully created a massage ball suitable for people to rotate. This is the birth of the massage ball.

After birth, we should give him a name, which means it is really to give him real life. The massage ball is belonged to one of Baoding’s iron balls. A small ball is attached to the surface of an ordinary iron ball, which can better massage the acupoints in the hands while rotating in the hand. It has a positive effect by massaging the acupoints in the hand, so it is called a massage ball.

Massage balls grow up slowly and safely over the long years. These years, massage balls are loved by everyone. More importantly, his whole body is an inexhaustible magic weapon.

Chinese medicine research has proved that long-term exercise with fitness balls can not only regulate the central nervous system, enhance memory, develop intelligence, improve thinking ability, and eliminate brain fatigue, but also Regulate Qi and Blood, Relax muscles and Bones, and Strengthen Internal organs.

Massaging is used for fingertip paralysis, upper limb (especially hand) dysfunction after stroke, hand neuritis, muscle spasm, neurasthenia, hypertension, arm weakness, upper limb arthritis, hand blood circulation obstruction and other diseases. It has good health care & wonderful therapeutic advantages.

Traditional Chinese medicine highly comments and affirms the meaning of life created by fitness balls:

1. Dredge the channels and collaterals, and regulate Qi and blood. The meridians are composed of five viscera, six viscera, four limbs, five senses, skin and flesh, and meridians, which are important physiological functions. They deliver Qi and blood to all parts of the body and nourish the whole body.

2. Inline internal organs to enhance functions. Traditional Chinese medicine firmly believes that the palms are connected closely with internal organs of the human body, the meridians, nerves, blood vessels, etc. According to the special exterior interior relationship between the internal organs, hands, and feet, using the palm to play with iron balls can adjust the balance of yin and yang, enhance the function of the internal organs, improve the imbalance of the internal organs, and achieve the goal of fitness and treatment.

3. Exercise finger strength and strengthen physical strength. When practicing a medicine ball with both hands, all fingers need to exert force, and only by fiddling with rotation can they coordinate. If you persist in long-term exercise, your finger strength will be significantly enhanced, and your physical strength will certainly be enhanced.

4. To Move joints to eliminate pain. Frequent practice of iron balls can prevent the aging of joints, and make fingers, elbows and shoulders flexed and extended, which has an effect on arthritis.

5. It can relax tendons and promote blood circulation, and cure hemiplegia. For patients with mild stroke sequelae, ancient folk people had the exercise method of turning walnuts by hand and stepping on round wooden sticks, but the effect of using iron balls was better.

6. Regulate nerves and improve sleep. Not only the hand is a very sensitive tactile organ, but also a motor organ. As the saying goes, “Ten Fingers Linked to One Heart” means that fingers are particularly sensitive to pain.

Stimulation of the ball’s hands and nerve endings can effectively regulate the functional activities of the cerebral cortex so that the disordered autonomic nerves can be adjusted and sleep can be improved.

7. Friction generates static electricity, relieving cervical spondylosis. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, while the iron ball rotates and massages the acupoints, the static electricity and heat effect generated between the iron ball and the palm will be transmitted to all parts of the body through the acupoints at the same time.

This static electricity and heat effect has a very significant effect on cervical spondylosis and periarthritis of the shoulder, which can effectively prevent and relieve these diseases.

8. Playing massage ball also has the functions of lowering blood pressure, strengthening the brain, relieving tension, and eliminating fatigue.

In a word, the benefits and functions of massage balls are innumerable, but some key points should be paid special attention not to be taken lightly.

1. Pay attention to wiping lotion when rubbing to avoid scratches caused by excessive force.

2. After every strenuous exercise, especially after running, you can use a massage ball to step on the bottom of your foot for a foot massage, which can relax your leg muscles. Not only the sole of the foot but also other parts can be relaxed and relaxed. In addition, running hot feet can better restore muscles.

The massage balls with so many bright spots are also suffering a lot in the process of growing up. Next, we will introduce how to use 6 Tips to find a Suitable Massage Ball Manufacturer in China which are suitable for normal use.

The adoptive parents will also adopt them according to the characteristics of the massage ball. The quality of a massage ball is mainly affected by 6 factors: material, size, weight, shape, touch, and hardness.


 PVC massage ball

It is made of PVC material, flexible, flexible, safe and comfortable. Long-term exercise is beneficial to your health. The tentacles on the surface of the sphere massage your skin, stimulate nerve endings, promote blood circulation, relax nervous systems, enhance your flexibility, improve your balance, consume excess fat, and create a charming figure. Enjoy unique fun.

EVA massage ball

EVA massage ball is made of dustproof and waterproof material, durable, wear-resistant and abrasion-resistant, high elasticity, soft and moderate. Acupoint stimulation, muscle relaxation, and multi-functional massage of the fascia ball can create all-around comfort and pleasure.

TPE massage ball

TPE material is an upgraded version of PVC. With the disapproval of PVC materials abroad, TPE came into being. He carried forward the quality of PVC massage balls, and also created his own uniqueness. The quality of his polymer composition is more solid and not easy to damage, small in size and light in weight, and easy to carry.

PU massage ball

PU material, good elasticity, comfortable hand feel, durable, convenient and convenient, can create different shapes according to human functions

EPP massage ball

EPP is a truly environment-friendly foam plastic that can be recycled 100% with almost no degradation in performance. Lightweight, high hardness, anti-seismic and compression resistant, environment-friendly and recyclable. As EPP is an imported molecule, it greatly improves the resilience, tear-resistance and deformation recovery rate. The new generation introduces advanced technology and is made of imported EPP materials, which can make muscles relax and yoga fitness achieve better results. EPP fitness ball has excellent shock absorption performance, surface texture and light massage force

Cork Yoga Massage Ball

Organic Eco-friendly Biodegradable Cork material
Easy to customize the size, portable to carry out
Multipurpose to good for body, neck, waist muscle, back, hip, leg behind
Round ball shape with arc design, close-fitting degree

Cork because of the honeycomb-like arrangement, and resin caulking cell gap has a very strong vibration reduction and sound insulation effect.

The shape better fits the leg and hand muscles, and rolling massage acupuncture points, increase the relaxation area

100% All-natural Plastic-free Environmental Protection Smooth surface Cork are recyclable Including above so many advantages get cork massage balls more popular and more popular.

Metal Massage Ball

304 stainless steel massage ball is filled with a special liquid and can be used both hot and cold after a special sealing process Can be used for shoulder, back, waist, legs, arms and other massages. Ice compress has a better antipyretic and analgesic effect, and hot compress has a better effect of relaxing muscles. The sphere can be used for more than 6 hours after 2 hours of freezing.

The product sphere is always very cold, cold, and ice cold. It has a good physiotherapy role for athletes & fitness enthusiasts. It can also be used for hot massage. After putting it into hot water for 15-20 minutes it can be used well. At present, it is popular among athletes and physiotherapists in basketball NBA and European football clubs. It has good recovery and effect on muscle strain, foot tendon and blood vessel obstruction.

Pls pay attention to the below usage:

1. The temperature of the ice compress ball is low after freezing. Please wrap it with a thin towel and then use it again. Do not contact the skin directly to avoid frostbite:

2: For hot compress, try the temperature first after soaking in warm boiled water to avoid scalding caused by direct contact with the skin due to excessive temperature!

2. Size

In terms of size, there is no perfect massage ball at present. Because different parts require different sizes, the following sizes can be divided simply according to parts:

2.1 The palm, forearm and sole of the foot are relatively small, so the ball should also be smaller: it is recommended to choose golf or hockey, in which the diameter of the golf ball is 42.7mm and that of hockey is 63mm

2.2 The lower leg, thigh, waist and abdomen, back muscle, hip, neck, and deltoid muscles are relatively large, so it is recommended to choose those with longer diameters, such as hockey, tennis, and baseball. The diameters of the three kinds of balls are 63mm, 67mm and 73mm respectively

2.3 Chest and shoulder. To be honest, few people will buy a ball for massaging these two parts. Besides, the effect of massage with hockey is also good. So my suggestion is to massage the muscles of the two parts with 63mm hockey, 67m tennis and 73mm baseball, just like the muscles of the lower leg.

3. Weight

The heavier the ball is, the more “stable” it will be. Of course, it will feel stronger when massaging. Therefore, the heavier the ball is, the better. It is better to choose a solid ball than a hollow or inflatable one.

4. Shape

Generally speaking, a “smooth ball” is OK, because such a ball is relatively easy to “roll”.

I know some people will tell you that the balls of “bump” and “wolf tooth” are more exciting, but this is actually meaningless. Because you must use your body’s strength to press the massage ball, do you think there may be “insufficient stimulation”? (If you just press with the palm of your hand, you might as well not press.)

In addition, to massage a certain muscle group, it is better to massage all parts around the muscle group, not just for this point. Therefore, neither of these two kinds of balls is necessary. Make an exception: if you sweat more easily Or if it is difficult to control the ball with too smooth, try the ball with convex points or wolf teeth. Another advantage of the smooth ball is that the stimulating surface is larger.

5. Grip

The grip here refers to the friction of the ball and whether it is easy to slip You should know that some massage movements need you to do against the wall. If the friction of the ball is not enough, it will fall off. How can you practice? At this point, we have to recommend “hockey”, which has a very good grip

6. Hardness

In terms of hardness, it is a pity that there is no perfect ball because different parts of your body can withstand different stimuli.

Generally, for people who have only used massage balls for a short time, it is not recommended that the hardness is too high. Personally, I think the hardness of “hockey” is just right.

Of course, hockey is not suitable for everyone. You should know that hollow balls and solid balls with the same hardness have different feelings. As your body adapts and improves flexibility, the “hardness” you can withstand will naturally increase. At this time, it may be inappropriate to use hollow balls like hockey.

Through the above simple introduction, I wish you can find the massage ball manufacturer to purchase what you want and suitable for you.

To summarize, you can buy ordinary PVC Massage Ball, TPE Massage Ball as beginners. Its texture is slightly soft, so it is very suitable for awakening muscle and bone awareness.

But also its usage is relatively simple, usually push, press, lift and so on, suitable for standing with two legs, feet, arms, hands, necks, head, and ankles together in various positions. Helps activate the muscles in the inner thigh. The price is also preferential.

If you have strong compression ability, it can be suitable for hard cork and metal massage balls. The texture of PU, EPP.EVA massage balls are between TPE, PVC and metal cork massage balls.

People with certain yoga fitness foundations can choose this type of massage ball. According to the actual situation, you can choose your favorite yoga ball from the appropriate supplier to massage and relax your body, which comes from your inner needs together.

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