6 Steps and Tips for Custom Wholesale Yoga Mats

The surface of the yoga mat is uniform, the bubbles are full, the feel is soft, and it is a non-toxic, odorless, non-slip, and strong ability to rebound. It has a strong tear resistance ability.

It is an ideal choice for yoga practitioners. In addition, yoga mats can also effectively block the cold on the ground, strong grip, and have outstanding reflection, flatness, non-slip, and human skin affinity.

We generally wholesale and custom yoga mats from the following steps:

Custom Wholesale Yoga Mat-Color selection

The most important and most suitable colors for yoga cushions are the following.

Mild color: green, blue, yellow, gray

The impact of various colors of yoga cushions on human emotions:

Blue is a kind of imagination, and on the other hand, it is also quite serious. It has the functions of regulating nerves and sedation.

Gray is a very easy-going color, which has the diversity of matching with any color. Therefore, when the color matching is not appropriate, it can be reconciled with gray, which has no effect on health.

We temporarily divide the color into two categories:

Mildness: green, blue, yellow, gray

Stimulation: orange, pink, red, black

Yellow is the first color that people are born and a symbol of health. The reason why it looks healthy and bright is that it is the most easily absorbed color in the spectrum.

Orange can produce vitality and induce appetite. It is also a representative color in the warm color system. It also represents a healthy color. It also contains maturity and happiness.

Custom Wholesale Yoga Mat

Custom Wholesale Yoga Mat-Logo and design choices

Customize your aesthetic appearance, your style, and your choice.

Create a self-defined logo to give the unrestrained style to the yoga mat, this is your most public attitude.

I want to print a pattern on the yoga pad. There is much craftsmanship to be satisfied. Generally, the printing methods of yoga cushions are common: silk printing, digital printing, and laser. You can print the design according to your favorite printing method.

Silk printing method: The ink is printed on the product through a special grid to form a graphic. This method is widely used, and most materials are suitable for this printed method.

This method can be printed in both color LOGO or monochrome LOGO. At the same time, it is not easy to damage the product, and the cost is low.

Silk prints are mainly monochrome and cannot make too many colors. Generally, there are many three or four types, and many complex processes need to be done. The operation will be relatively troublesome.

Digital printing is achieved by digital printers. Any color pattern can be done, and the color is very bright. You can print the digital printer you want directly on the yoga mat.

The printed products are not colored, non-fading, wear-resistant and odorless, and harmless to the human body. Sometimes sports will feel boring, and a yoga pad full of color and rich patterns can make people get fun in boring.

Custom Wholesale Yoga Mat-Type Selection

Yoga mats are generally divided into two types, one is a traditional yoga mat, and the other is a positive yoga mat.

Traditional yoga mats are no lines, frame lines, and any lines that have no lines, frame lines, or any instructions on the pad. It is a yoga mat that looks flat on the surface.

The positive yoga cushion has a positive line on the pad, which uses simple and easy-to-follow mathematical symbols to assist in the explanation.

Primary novice Xiaobai: Recommended traditional yoga mats.

For friends who have just been exposed to yoga exercises, the initial training movements are relatively simple. There are no high requirements for the standardization of the action. Only one can only be used to exercise yoga and is suitable for themselves. Therefore, choose ordinary traditional yoga. Cushion.

For intermediate and high-level trainers: Recommended yoga mats.

From the perspective of the auxiliary functionality, the positive yoga mat is of course more advantageous than the traditional yoga mat.

In addition, because medium and senior trainers have mastered the basic action essentials, what needs to be carried out in-depth and master more yoga skills in the next step, which has higher requirements for the accuracy of movements and asanas?

The use of a positive yoga cushion can examine whether it is in place, so as to practice more scientific and more accurate asanas and improve the quality of yoga.

Not all lines of yoga cushions are called positive yoga mats. The positive yoga mats have certain standards. It has unique design principles. All the positive lines on the pad surface are not fabricated out of thin air, but there is a scientific basis for the scientific basis of!

Custom Wholesale Yoga Mat-Material selection


Features: It is cheap and cheap, and you can buy it everywhere on the market. The cost is relatively high. It is the most suitable for general yoga trainers.

Advantages: rough surface, hard texture, high non-slip and shock resistance, very wear-resistant. It can greatly reduce the buffer during exercise, protects the joints, and price people.

Disadvantages: After some PVC foam, the chemical composition is high, the smell is relatively large, not natural and healthy, and the residue will be dropped after a long time.


Features: It is generally considered to be non-toxic, environmental protection, and comfortable to hand feels. It is an environmentally friendly material that has been commonly used in recent years. It is the highest-grade category in yoga pads, which is suitable for high consumer groups.

Advantages: Strong grip, can effectively absorb sweat, whether dry and humid, strong non-slip, and rebounding elasticity, light quality, easy to carry, environmental protection and no odor.

Disadvantages: Compared with PVC, the durability is poor, the service life is short, the price is more expensive, and the applicable group is not wide.


Advantages: The mats are soft, and light and the mats are thicker and suitable for beginners.

Disadvantages: general elasticity, poor non-slip, weak grip, easy to slip on the wooden floor and not durable.

Natural rubber MAT

Features: Naturally environmentally-friendly selection, healthy and smelling.

Advantages: The quality of rubber pads is very light, full of elasticity, high stability, strong non-slip, very durable, and the highest durability.

Disadvantages: Natural rubber pads are mostly open-hole structures. If the use time is too long, stains will be absorbed and need to be cleaned regularly.

Custom Wholesale Yoga Mat-Size and size selection

The size of the yoga mat is mainly 61cmx173cm and 61cmx183cm. The main domestic is mainly 61cmx173cm.

Regarding the thickness of yoga mats, the common yoga mats on the market have 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm and 7 mm thicknesses. Generally speaking, it is recommended that beginners choose a 6mm thick yoga mat because a thicker one can protect the body more and avoid injuries. But don’t blindly pursue high thickness.

After all, yoga is a movement that attaches great importance to balance. Too thick cushions can easily lead to an unstable center of gravity, which is not conducive to the force of perception. The thickened cushions in the market are generally used for such fitness sports (this type is actually a fitness cushion).

The medium-thick yoga mat is generally about 4mm and 5mm. It is suitable for advanced people. Do not consider beginners! As for the 1.5mm-3mm thin yoga mat, it is also more suitable for advanced. Second, because of the lightweight, friends who go to the gym can consider it.

Custom Wholesale Yoga Mat-Packaging selection

When rolling the yoga pads, pay attention to the direction: When receiving the yoga mat, pay attention to the direction of the rolling yoga mats, and habitually fix the outside in a direction, such as inside, or outside, just as your habits. But to fix a direction so that you can remember that it is positive and opposite. There are several fixed methods for reference

Yoga strap

The yoga pad stray is used for binding yoga mats. The mats are rolled into a cylinder and then the upper back of the back is fixed with straps. It usually goes to the yoga gallery for class. It is both beautiful and easy to start.

The method of use is as follows:

Roll yoga pads and take out the rope for use

Pull the circular circle at both ends of the binding rope to the position where the rolled yoga mat can be wrapped in

First, put the ring at the end of the rope at the right position at one end of the mat

Then put the ring circle on the other end of the rope at the right position of the other end of the mat

Pull up the rope and pull the ring of the 2 terminals to the appropriate size (should not be too tight, so as not to leave the indentation)

After completing the storage, you can carry or put it in the backpack

The yoga pad stray is used for binding yoga mats. The mats are rolled into a cylinder and then the upper back of the back is fixed with straps. It usually goes to the yoga gallery for class. It is both beautiful and easy to start.

Custom Wholesale Yoga Mat

Thermal contraction film

The conventional is generally fixed with a PE contracting membrane, which is better fixed and removed.

Wholesale OEM Yoga Mat

Yoga bag

Waterproof polyester cloth design, stylish style and useless. The larger body design is convenient for yoga mats, clothing, and accessories to be included in the bag, and it is convenient to carry it with you. Suitable for beginners and yoga teachers.

Wholesale Yoga Mat Bag

Precautions for buying Yoga Mat

1. Can’t have an odor

Do not open it when you get the yoga pad, smell the pad with your nose to get the top. If there is a pungent smell, it is likely to be quality. You must know that when practicing yoga, your body needs to be in close contact with yoga mats. Yoga pads with odor will also affect your health.

2. Pay attention to the flatness of the yoga mat

Generally, good yoga mats are flat. If they are not flat, they will also have discomfort when they practice. Therefore, when buying, you must observe it carefully on the ground.

3. Pay attention to the surface of the yoga mat

Use your thumbs and index finger to pinch yoga mats, and try to resist the pressure and reflection of elasticity. You can wipe the yoga cushion with rubber to see if the material is easy to rupture or if there are traces when it is light.

Gently push the surface of the yoga mat with your palms, your hands feel dry. If you feel wet, it will be easy to slip and fall when you practice.

After having a yoga mat, what should I do?

The yoga mats carefully bought back, from now on, are your good friends who practice yoga. Treating good friends, naturally, take care of it. If you buy it back to the yoga mat, it is often used but never maintained. The dust and sweat stains accumulated on the surface of the yoga mat will eventually endanger the owner’s health, so it is also necessary to clean up the yoga mat.

Yoga mats are very skin-friendly things. We don’t matter whether it is standing, sitting, lying, or lying, all of which are in contact with it directly or indirectly, especially for the longest time contact with feet, of course, it is inevitable to produce bacteria or something. What is the cleaning session is very important? Many people use disinfectant to wash directly. The result is the corrosion of the cushion to reduce the service life of the mat.

To ensure hygiene, it is best to clean it every week. The easiest way to clean is to spray two drops of detergent into four bowls of water, spray it on the yoga mat, and then clean it with a dry cloth. If the yoga cushion is already dirty, you can also use a cloth to dip the washing powder to gently wipe the yoga mat, then rinse it with water, and then roll up the yoga mat with a dry towel to absorb excess water. Finally, dry the yoga pad.

It should be noted that the amount of laundry powder should be as small as possible, because once the laundry powder remains on the yoga mat, the yoga pad may become slippery. In addition, do not put it under the sun when drying yoga cushions.

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