Tips for Buying Yoga Accessories

Editor’s note: Yoga accessories are a physical and mental exercise for women. There are certain things that are essential when practicing yoga, such as a yoga mat, yoga music, yoga clothing and so on. What do you know about buying yoga supplies?

What Yoga accessories Supplies Do I Need to Buy?

Yoga supplies include yoga clothing, a yoga mat, a yoga block, a yoga rope, a yoga ball, yoga dumbbells, yoga gloves, yoga socks, yoga stretching bands, yoga VCDS, books, etc. According to the order of use, yoga clothes, yoga mat, and VCD is the first need to use when starting to practice and is the minimum tool to practice yoga.

For beginners, clothes, mats, VCD is the first to buy, and yoga rope, ball, belt, brick, dumbbell and so on have a certain yoga basis and then gradually increase. At the same time, for beginners, in the practice, it is difficult to complete some movements, and need to use some auxiliary tools, such as yoga blocks and so on. And yoga rope, balls, belts, bricks, dumbbells and so on have a certain yoga basis and then gradually increase.

Recommendation 1: A yoga mat is one of the essential tools for practicing yoga. If the yoga mat is spread on the ground, it can prevent the spinal cord, ankle, competitive bone, knee joint and other parts from injury. After practicing, you can roll up your yoga mat, lock it with a hair buckle, and put it in your backpack for easy sanitation. These days, gyms offer free yoga mats, but ever since the sweat of countless unknowns on the same mat can be a nightmare for clean people. Buying a yoga mat is a necessary investment in your yoga practice.

Recommended 2: Yoga clothes are an article of clothing worn when practicing yoga. When choosing yoga clothes, we must focus on comfort. Loose clothes are the best. In addition, there is good air permeability.

Yoga Mat

When choosing a yoga mat, we should first pay attention to the material of the yoga mat and choose an environmentally friendly one. The yoga mat is currently divided into TPE(also known as TPR), PVC, EVA several materials manufacturing, TPE is the best environmental protection material at present, made of natural latex, hemp and other natural materials, with no PVC, and no odor. It has the characteristics of softness, adhesion and strong grip (it can be firmly placed on any ground). Compared with a PVC yoga mat, it weighs about 300 grams less and is easy to carry around.

According to “thickness” choosing the thickness of the yoga mat, the most basic advice is that beginners can use a thicker one, such as a 6 mm thick yoga mat, the purpose is to prevent sports injuries. After some foundation and experience, you can switch to a 3.5 mm to 5 mm thick yoga mat. Of course, if you are very afraid of “pain”, you can always use a relatively thick yoga mat practice. 

Moreover, the elastic yoga mat is more protective of the human body. When buying, pinch the yoga mat with the thumb and index finger to test its pressure resistance. General initial yoga practitioners can choose a thick mat, such as 6 mm thick, the domestic size of 173×61; Have a certain basis can choose a thickness of 3.5 mm ~ 5 mm; It is recommended to buy more than 1300 grams of mats. 

According to the “type of yoga” choose if you practice is to identify and translate the network, often encounter the action of sitting on the mat, then a thick, soft yoga mat will make you more comfortable. However, if you practice Power Yoga. Flow Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga, which has a large pulsating activity, then you need a thinner and harder mat. If the mat is too soft, it is not convenient for you to do the movement. 

Yoga mats should have stronger grip anti-slip performance, good elasticity, wear resistance, and tear resistance, in order to play a better protective role in yoga. Whether the yoga mat is easy to lay flat on the floor. Is it easy to slip after sweating? Portability is a concern. In the actual purchase of a yoga mat, you can choose from the following ways:

1. Take a yoga mat and do not open it first. Smell the top of the mat with your nose. See if there is a pungent smell. A good yoga mat doesn’t have much of a smell. Open it and leave it for up to two days. If the smell does not go away after a long time, it is possible that the quality of the mat is not up to standard and long-term use will cause harm to the body.

2. Pinch the yoga mat with the thumb and index finger to try the pressure resistance. A good elasticity yoga mat has a more protective effect on the human body.

3. Take an eraser with you and rub it on your yoga mat to see if the material breaks easily.

4. Gently push the surface of the yoga mat with the palm of your hand to have a dry feeling. If there is too much residual foaming agent on the surface of the yoga mat, there will be a slippery feeling.

5. The beginning yoga practitioners, can choose a thicker mat, such as 6MM thick. Having a certain basis can choose a thickness of 3.5MM or so yoga mat.

6. Eco-friendly yoga mat mixed with natural latex is better for the human body. When the economy permits, consider it.

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Yoga Ball

A yoga ball is also known as an exercise ball or yoga ball. It is a kind of ball sports tool for fitness. The material is mostly made of soft PVC material. When the human body is in contact with it, the internal inflatable fitness ball will touch the contact part of the human body evenly, thus producing a massage effect, which is beneficial to promote blood circulation.

Buy a yoga ball to choose the size of the yoga ball according to your personal figure, the size of the yoga ball has a diameter of 45 cm, 55 cm, 65 cm, 75 cm and so on. If it is a petite woman, you can choose a 45 cm or 55 cm yoga ball, and 65 cm and 75 cm yoga ball is more suitable for tall men. The more important thing is to choose a durable fitness ball produced by a regular manufacturer, which should be very elastic and have full safety.

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Yoga Block

The yoga block is an aid for doing yoga. The main thing is to prevent strains from doing difficult moves. Some exercises in the yoga position require full arm extension or a low bend to the ground. The auxiliary brick can help you stretch your pelvis, then slowly adjust the distance between the yoga brick and the floor, and gradually complete the perfect movements such as self-softness and extension.

The commonly used specification is 23*15*7.6cm. Anti-slip network identification and review. Flexible and crack resistant, lightweight and durable. Improve your flexibility step by step. It helps each movement achieve the required precision. What meets these requirements is a good yoga block.

The main purpose of the yoga block is to provide proper support, especially for certain movements that require stretching and diving (such as dog, half pigeon, and standing forward bend). This can help to make the movement more standard. For example, when I was doing a bend, I couldn’t stretch the ground, so I needed the block.


For beginners, if your muscles are not strong enough or soft enough, you can use the yoga block. The convenience of moving the yoga block determines its frequency of use. Too heavy will affect your hand feels. The general size of the Iyengar yoga block is 23 * 15 * 7.6cm. The weight of different materials varies, from 50 to 80g for light ones to more than 200g for heavy ones.

Good Pressure Resistance.

Branded yoga bricks, they’re all hardness tested and they need to be able to withstand a certain amount of force. The earliest yoga bricks were made of maple or pine, which would be slippery and cost more after being soaked with sweat. Later, more softwoods and foams (mainly TPE and EVA) were made with uniform particles, lighter weight and better elasticity. The pressure resistance of these yoga blocks is good, if really want to compare, the wooden effect is the best.

Waterproof and Non-slip.

In terms of water resistance and skid resistance, solid wood is slightly worse, and both wood and foam yoga blocks are acceptable. In terms of weight, it is solid wood > cork > foam. The disadvantage of cork is that it may drop wood chips due to the relationship between wood chip suppression. The disadvantage of foam is that it may have a bad smell, which should be paid attention to when buying.

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Yoga Stretches

The stretch band, also known as the yoga rope, is not elastic. In addition to helping the muscles and bones stretch and prolong the duration of postural stay, the stretch band can also be used to hold the body only physically, leaving the two hands free to do as much stretching as possible.

The best way to choose a stretch belt is to choose this double-buckle type. Beginners who are not familiar with or are unable to achieve the functions of general yoga exercises can get more comfortable with some auxiliary tools and guidance from a yoga teacher.

1, the best choice of stretch belt cotton woven belt, with tall and straight, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash, quick dry and other characteristics, in dry and wet conditions of elasticity and wear resistance are good.

2, the real stretch tape use 100% cotton tape. The width of the high-quality stretch belt is 3.8cm and the thickness is 2.2-2.5mm. It feels thick and soft.

3, The PP line looks like a cotton belt, the model is also a soft car is networking identification and translation with PP line as a cotton belt, fish-eye mixed beads. But it and nylon belts, polypropylene belts, nylon belts are chemical fiber products, and after sweating is easy to slip hands.

4, fake stretch belt using PP line, nylon belt, polypropylene belt, nylon belt.

5, with fire, a burn will understand. The tape burned with a charcoal smell and turned to gray powder. And PP line, nylon belt and another chemical fiber belt burning up will have a coke taste, and will become black.

In addition to the yoga supplies introduced above, yoga equipment and yoga dumbbells, yoga gloves, yoga socks, books, etc. They are gradually increased on the basis of a certain amount of yoga, beginners do not need.

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Foam Roller

Foam shaft can not only be used as a tool to relax after exercise, but also as a common home exercise aid to strengthen the core muscle strength, and is also an essential item for home fitness. The main points to pay attention to when buying.

1, concave and convex anti-slip design.

Now the exercise areas of the community and the park all have this kind of massage wheel design with convex points, which is similar to the foam shaft. The foam shaft is not limited to the body parts, you can roll where you want to roll, and you can massage any part of the body.

As a family exercise, you can also use a foam shaft to exercise while watching videos or listening to the radio, which is more convenient than a fixed massage wheel. There is a similar function of the fascia ball, which can be targeted at the point of individual pressure. When it comes to shopping, beginners are advised not to choose the mace model, but to choose a more gentle version.

2. Good Elasticity.

At present, the foam shafts on the market are mainly made of EVA, which are basically designed with high rebound solid or PVC reinforced by the inner cylinder. They can bear the weight of hundreds of kilograms and bounce back quickly when pressed down.

3, Soft and Hard Moderate.

The hardness of the foam shaft is also very important. Because of the convex design on the surface, if the material is too soft, it will be easily cut out. If it is too hard, it will not give relaxation and comfort, and may even hurt the skin, leading to bruising. If you want to choose one that works well for you, you need to try it many times.

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