Advantages of Bulk TPE Yoga Mat

TPE is a material made of natural young rubber, they are very elastic, extremely elastic, and it can also withstand very well.

TPE yoga mat

Due to its outstanding advantages, safety and environmental protection, today, in addition to being included in the production of quality yoga mats Tpes are also used in many different fields, such as:

Make toys.
As raw materials for the production of office equipment.
Make electrical wires.
Manufacturing equipment and machinery for the health sector.

Advantages of TPE Yoga mat. TPE, also known as thermoplastic elastomer by yoga mat engineers and other fancy scientific types, is a rather fascinating material that is changing the face of the yoga industry. The yoga mat made of TPE material has the characteristics of good elasticity, good anti-slip effect, good toughness, strong tension and so on. A TPE yoga mat offers more benefits than any other material without any environmental or experiential damaging drawbacks.

Eco-friendly and biodegradable

TPE itself is a biodegradable material, which allows the TPE yoga mat to be recycled as a new TPE product. It’s absolutely not harmful to the planet. Unique sustainable yoga mat that contributes to our planet. In addition, the TPE yoga mat is odorless, odor-free and pvc free, which is also good for humans.

Ultra Lightweight

One of the features of the TPE yoga mat is that it is ultra-light, weighing less than 1kg including the yoga carrying strap, making it easy to carry your yoga mat to the beach or yoga studio.

Non-slip texture

As a yoga mat, the most important feature must be the ground grip. When you’re in the middle of a great yoga session, you can’t expect any interruptions or distractions because the mat is slipping away. The TPE yoga mat has a non-slip texture on the sides, also due to the material construction, it has good ground grip and is non-slip.

Easy to clean

TPE is made up of a closed cell structure, essentially meaning it can’t absorb water, which is a big trait for yoga practitioners. All the sweat stays on and can be wiped off, and you don’t have to worry about your yoga mat getting moldy. In addition, it is antibacterial.

TPE yoga mat

Safety to use

TPE material is latex free, odor free and odor free. In addition, Tpes are free of phthalates, polyvinyl chloride and all other toxins. Many yogis have sensitive skin that reacts to the chemical structure and smell of other mat, and TPE would be a good choice.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, another advantage of the tpe yoga mat is that it is more flexible and comfortable than other yoga accessories. The reason behind this is that this material is more open than any other and therefore offers more flexibility. This will ensure that you have all the elements of perfect training and that you don’t feel any discomfort at any time.

In addition to all of these reasons, there is another benefit worth mentioning that has to do with the durability of the tpe yoga mat. The type of material used here is very durable and, as a result, will not break or tear easily, even after hours of practice on it. Because of this, people have been using this yoga mat for years and they are still going strong. The thermoplastic elastomers used here have excellent thermal properties and, therefore, do not overheat or damage easily.

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