Wholesale Foam Roller – 16 Frequently Asked Questions

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Wholesale Foam Roller

What is the high-density wholesale foam roller?

A high-density foam roller is an exercise machine used for massage or fitness purposes. This foam roller is mainly used for self-massage and applying pressure to the target area.

It helps soothe tense triggers or sore areas and speeds up muscle recovery. I also built strength, lengthened my muscles and improved my balance.

The process of unfurling sore and tight muscles and relieving tension is called myofascial release.

High-density foam rollers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures, and generally, they are long and cylindrical.

The length provides support for the whole body and the high-density foam provides solid support for all body types.

What are the features of the high-density foam roller?

Compared with other foam rollers, high-density wholesale foam rollers have some unique characteristics, that is

Relieve injury and muscle tension

Extra firmness and maximum muscle stimulation

Improve balance and flexibility

Eliminate the pain

Light weight, good elasticity

High-density models maintain shape

Designed for heavy use

More durable

For all body types

Full roller or half roller is available in 12 “18” and 36 “lengths.

What are the types of foam rollers?

There are five types of foam rollers. These types are described below

Low-Density Foam Roller

The low-density foam roller is the lightest and softest foam roller. It is used for exercise classes or lower intensity triggers or myofascial releases. It doesn’t feel as much pain.

Wholesale Foam Roller

High-Density Foam Roller

The high-density foam roller is the densest and most rigid foam roller. It is the best, most profound, intense, and focused myofascial release or muscle recovery.

Professionals use this high-density foam roller for challenging training or the fastest recovery.

The former foam roller, provides a more intense rolling session.

Wholesale Foam Roller

Medium Density Foam Roller

The medium-density foam roller is not as strong as a high-density foam roller. It’s made of a medium-density EPE foam that doesn’t put too much strain on the muscles.

Therefore, the medium-density foam roller has less strength and is more comfortable to roll. You can do all kinds of exercises with it.

Wholesale Foam Roller

Short Foam Roller

The short foam roller is half the length of the average foam roller and has a strong and soft density. It is used to focus on specific areas.

For example, you can’t exercise your underarm muscles with a regular or long foam roller. Short foam rolls are best or easier.

Wholesale Foam Roller Supplier

Bumpy Foam Roller

Uneven foam rollers have different textures, such as rough waves or knob-like ridges attached to the foam.

It’s designed to tap into sore areas or triggers in muscles to help release knots quickly.

You can use it to tighten your shoulders. Knobs and cracks in the foam roller help focus attention at multiple trigger points.

Custom Foam Roller

What is the dimension of the high-density foam roller?

The high-density foam roller is long, about 36 inches. It has a maximum length and density that is suitable for the back and is more stable than the short roller. Length 36 inches, diameter 6 inches, thickness 6 inches.

Sometimes up to 12 or 18 inches in length. The style can be round or semi-round. But sometimes, shorter lengths are used for specific body parts, about 12 inches and 3 to 6 in diameter.

 Foam Roller Company

What is the use of a high-density foam roller?

Use a high-density foam roller to massage sore muscles to relieve tension and provide pressure directly to the target area. It can be used for physical therapy, exercise, or massage.


High-density foam roller for self-massage – soothe tight, sore areas and relieve tension and stress throughout the body.

Flattening sore areas with a high-density foam roller helps break up knots of muscle tissue, making the body more flexible, increasing movement and benefiting tight muscles from challenging workouts.

This process, called myofascial release, speeds up muscle recovery.


High-density foam rollers are also used in various sports such as Pilates and yoga. Here, the roller provides a regular workout with improved balance.

Flexibility and range of motion are also increased through stretching and bending.

What is the difference between a high-density foam roller and an uneven foam roller?

There are some differences between high-density foam roller and uneven foam roller, as follows:-

High-Density Foam Roller

Optimal massage depth and strength to break down the constricted fascia
Solid pressure releases muscles and tissues and provides relief
Increase blood flow and range of motion
Best for stretching your back
More stable than a short foam roller
Available in sizes 12 “, 18 “, 24 “, and 36”.
No-textured property
The use of quality materials

Bumpy Foam Roller

The uneven foam roller has bumps and knobs on the body
It is best for targeted massages to precise areas and muscle knots
The ridge provides a deeper penetration massage, breaking up tight and compact areas of the fascia
Apply force at the knots and pressure points instead of using a flat foam roller
The bumps and knobs strike a balance between softness and firmness
Best for the shoulder
The sizes are 12 inches, 21 inches and 31 inches
Cloth grain surface

What is the material of a high-density foam roller?

High-density foam rollers are made from EPP(expanded polypropylene) to provide roller fastness and maintain shape for heavy-duty use.

It offers durability and affordability, and no longer lasts.

Eva(ethylene vinyl acetate) foam is also used in high-density foam rollers, through which heavy and reuse can be accomplished.

These are the best professional gyms or pilot studios, or clinics. Also has more life span than any other foam type. It is lightweight, durable and durable.

What are the sizes available for high-density foam rollers?

The sizes available for high-density foam rollers are –

12 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches, 36 inches, and 6 inches in diameter.

Standard full size

The full-size foam roller is 36 inches long and 6 inches in diameter. These sizes are used for physical therapy, wider muscle group massages and exercises.

Long rollers are suitable for any exercise, for example, Pilates or any core strength or balance exercise.

A short length

Short-length rollers are short lengths, such as 18 “or 12”, but remain the same diameter as the full size 6 “.

They are great for targeting specific muscle groups or specific areas, such as the IT tendon, gluteus maximus or calf.

How do you use a foam roller?

Below are a few tricks you can try on different parts of your body with a foam roller.

For the upper back – in the rib cage area, before the bottom to the neck, foam tumbling can really help relieve stress and discomfort. I like to support my head while doing this. You can scroll left and right or back and forth. You can also get your butt off the floor, or keep it on the floor if the pressure feels too much.

Neck – Relax the rest of your body by placing your head and neck on the foam roller. Turn your head from side to side and in circles, relaxing the back of your head and neck.

The upper trap (the area between your neck and shoulders)- Lie on your side and raise your arms, open and closed. When you turn around, you’ll feel that area relax and get the love and attention it deserves.

Foam rolling is a great way to release tension at any time. If you have any questions or would like a personal foam rolling demo, contact me for a free fitness consultation!

How often to use a foam roller?

I think how often you use a foam roller depends on your goal and your body. If you’re a flexible runner who rarely suffers from tight muscles, there may be little benefit to using a foam roller on a regular basis.

If like many runners, you struggle with persistent tightness in site a or are trying to stretch as part of your rehabilitation (e.g. ITB), you may want to use it every other day for a short period of time until symptoms/tightness improve. As with most things, there is a balance.

If you use the roller too aggressively and use it too often, you may cause microtrauma in the muscles and cause pain. I recommend that in most cases 2-3 times a week is sufficient, but you can also increase it to 3 times a day, provided it doesn’t increase your pain level and you change it gradually.

In some ways, using a foam roller is comparable to stretching, and many stretching protocols recommend doing it 3 times a day, so using a foam roller is also feasible. You have to ask why is this area so tight and why does it need this level of input to release it?

Sometimes persistent muscle tightness persists due to weakness in other areas, or because you consistently train too much or too intensively.

Is the high-density foam roller multifunctional?

Yes. High-density foam rollers are versatile. Such as

Muscle massage
Physical Education Rehabilitation
Pilates and yoga
Physical therapy
Improve blood circulation
Relieve tension throughout the body
Speed up muscle recovery
Prevent injury
Rehabilitation of injury
Relieve pain and discomfort in the back, legs, shoulders and neck

Are high-density foam rollers unisex?

Yes. High-density foam rollers are unisex. People of all genders and ages can use high-density foam rollers for a variety of purposes. Size differences also contribute to the need for functional differences.

How can I purchase high-density foam rollers at wholesale prices?

You can contact to wholesale buy a high-density foam roller. If you buy in bulk, the price will be cheaper.

So, contact them through their website or contact information such as chat, email, or phone. You can view all the product specifications and then order as you choose.

What to check when buying high-density foam roller wholesale?

There are 4 things to check when buying high-density foam rollers at wholesale prices.

Density: Foam rolls come in different thicknesses, and density determines their use.

There are three types of density – soft, standard, and firm or low, medium, and high.

Shape and size: High-density foam rollers come in different shapes and sizes depending on the type of use, each of which has a different purpose or use than the others.

For example, full size or 36 “, short length or 12 “/ 18”.

Surface texture: Some rollers have a smooth texture, and some have ridges and knobs on the body.

Different textures are used for different exercises. For example, knobs are used to apply pressure to a target area.

Materials: High-density foam rollers are made of EPP or EVA foam, and construction procedures help determine the location and life of the foam rollers.

This should be a necessary checkout option before purchasing wholesale high-density foam rollers.

How much does a high-density foam roller cost wholesale?

High-density foam rollers cost $3.15 to $3.85 and come with custom signage. But the price of the roller may fluctuate a little depending on the size of the order.

You can also get cheaper ones between $1.90 and $2.20 or between $2.70 and $3.15.

Are high-density foam rollers customizable?

Yes. You can customize the size, color, diameter, length, and width to your liking. You can also add your own custom logo. You have to contact Arole Fitness and tell them exactly what you want. When you expose them, they can offer you several terms.

We think we put all the information about and need for high-density foam rollers. You can get a thorough understanding of high-density foam rollers and buy these from Morgiana Fitness at wholesale prices.

You can view all the questions and answers with this FAQ guide. Hope you like it and decide to purchase high-density foam rollers from us as soon as possible, we believe we can provide you with these products at the best wholesale prices.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call/email/contact us with your contact information.

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