What Are Wholesale Yoga Block Good For?


For those who want to keep their hands on the ground, blocks are a great tool to ease your body into a more flexible state. Pressing the floor into your hands in an extended triangle or half moon position not only helps the body keep the spine aligned correctly, but it also doesn’t push your body past your comfort level when stretching down.

Wholesale yoga block


Stretching flexibility also helps with proper postural alignment, ensuring that the spine is straight and not round. It’s more about keeping your body in the right position to get the most out of each position, rather than circling your back in order to touch the floor.

Using wholesale yoga block in a sitting position, such as Hero or Lotus, also works well to lift your hips and support your knees. In yoga, your body doesn’t need to be tense, you practice to relax.

To correct your alignment on the bridge, try placing a barrier between your ankles or thighs (or both). This will help your hip space lift up evenly.

Wholesale yoga block


In order to achieve more advanced poses and handstands, you need to increase your flexibility as you practice. Blocks are great for helping the body prepare and get into those more difficult positions by providing support; Get your body used to bending in different ways.

For example, to prepare the body for a backbend, using blocks to aid proper posture adjustment during bridge training will help the body remember the formation when stretching backwards. As with the bridge, using blocks to help open your chest and embracing the natural arch of your back will also help you create the arch during the back bend. To do this, place one block on the spine (aligned horizontally on the thin edges) and another under the neck to support the head (lying on top of the block as it is highest when vertical). This position is great for relieving stress and tension, while also opening up the chest and increasing the flow of air to and from the lungs.

wholesale yoga block

Another handstand that can be used to prepare the body is the shoulder stand, which leads to the head/handstand and even the Scorpion pose! Placing a block of wood under your butt will bring the floor closer together, making it easier to practice lifting and lowering, connecting with the sky.

To add stretch, use building blocks in addition to already mastered poses, such as downward facing dog or upward facing dog. By placing one under each hand (flat on the ground), you can extend your body a little deeper in downward facing dog and lift your body a little higher in upward facing dog. In these poses, blocks are used to stretch muscles that are not normally reached, as your body becomes familiar with the flexibility achieved during normal practice.

Wholesale yoga block can be used in a variety of different ways, such as training your body for splits or toning your abdominal muscles. You can activate certain body parts by placing blocks in the right target area. To get abs, try placing a block in the middle of your thigh during sit-ups, or practice moving your legs up and over blocks while straddling. Wholesale yoga block have many uses in your practice, and it’s important to know how and when to use them to get the most out of them.

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