The Production Process of the Wholesale Yoga Mat

We also learned about the types of wholesale yoga mats and how to buy them. At first, I was curious about how this wholesale yoga mat was created. So today we will learn and discuss how magical the production process of the wholesale yoga mat is.

Wholesale yoga mat

Through practical and theoretical understanding through various channels, the production process of yoga mats can be divided into two types: traditional yoga mats and orthostatic yoga mats. Different materials of wholesale yoga mat, it is generally identical. But the details are slightly different. Let’s only get to know about two magic production processes.

Process of Making a Traditional Wholesale Yoga Mat 

It is included the following steps:

1. Allocation of slurry:
Select the corresponding raw materials according to the formula, then mix and stir them into the latex mixture.

2. Machine commissioning and brushing
Including heating and preheating of boiler workers, parameter setting and debugging of each area, and putting relevant slurry and net cloth in place.

3. Brush pulp
Do pull the net cloth to the needle rail, and smooth it before brush pulp production.

4. High-temperature foaming
The mesh cloth brushed with slurry is pulled to the temperature chamber through the needle board to form high-temperature foaming;

5. Cooling and setting
After foaming molding, the product is gradually cooled out of the temperature chamber, then re-cooled & set the shape

6. Edge cutting
Adjusting the distance of the tail tool rest and cutting the material according to the customized requirements.

7. Silk Printing
Hand-made and combined to use the printing machine to print private patterns & logos on the mat.

Wholesale yoga mat factory

The traditional wholesale yoga mat production method is simple and low-cost. It also can be processed with a soft, comfortable yoga mat, which is a clear bubble point on the front side, the flat aesthetic feeling of the back.

Its advantages are obvious. But we can not ignore the shortcomings of its existence. In the yoga process, there are many complex and varied movements. These movements often need to be accurate in place to achieve the correct Angle of the body, in order to achieve the effect of strengthening the body.

On the contrary, if the position is wrong, the Angle is insufficient or overdone. It will not only fail to achieve the desired effect but also cause physical injury if it is severe. The existing traditional wholesale yoga mat, in addition to the general functions such as anti-slip, shock absorbers, and buffering, lacks other additional functions.

However, there is no solution to the problems mentioned above in yoga so far. In view of the lack of existing technology, It is urgent to develop high-tech utility model technology to improve the existing shortcomings, so that this product can be perfected, ideal, and practical.

2. Making Process of Orthostatic Wholesale Yoga Mat

It is a high-tech new process, especially making a wholesale yoga mat that has both non-slip and indicates position.

It is said that the earliest Indians who practiced yoga did not use a yoga mat. They sat on the ground and covered the sky in the simplest place to communicate between the body and the mind, between man and the universe.

However, the modern practice of yoga has been completely different from the ancient Indians. A yoga mat has become an indispensable accessory in yoga exercises. Because the yoga mat is made of special materials, different from the ordinary mat or carpet, it can play a non-slip, preventing the spine, ankle, hip, knee, and other parts of the role of the bump. Another myth is that a yoga mat can act as insulation, preventing the energy gathered in the body during practice from being carried away by the gas.

The main purpose of an orthostatic yoga mat is to provide a yoga mat. It can assist or guide users to know the correct Angle and orientation in yoga movements so that users can adjust their limbs.

In order to achieve the above purpose, the surface of the wholesale yoga mat is equipped with an upbeat position logo, which is designed according to the positive position yoga system, combined with the height of the human body, respectively designed in three different sizes, truly accurate in place, professional and exclusive.

Wholesale yoga mat

3. The Specific Mode of Implementation

1. The surface of a wholesale yoga mat has a cross shape as a logo.” ten” word shape is arranged parallel or vertical, laser printing line, and users on the mat do yoga movements.

For example, according to the shape of the cross logo put the body in the right position, users can view or use skin tactility in the “ten” words laser logo. In this way, users can view their body movements according to the positive position logo, and further adjust accurate movements, so as to strengthen the body and avoid sports injuries possibly caused by wrong movements.

2. The middle layer is made of unique cotton fiber, which can not only absorb water and disperse water quickly, but also play the role of bactericidal and antibacterial. In addition, the orthostatic yoga mat further improves the anti-slip effect of the surface, so that users do not slip when exercising on the mat, providing a more stable and reassuring practice.

3. Based on the ground layer, the natural plant rubber is used to contact the ground, which greatly improves the grip of the cushion body. Moreover, the surface of the mat in contact with the body is treated with high-tech anti-slip treatment, which can not only make the user dry and wet but also give the skin a very comfortable and soft enjoyment.

The process of making yoga mats takes on a more scientific and practical nature. Only when we personally went to the production site see the process will be more profound. The words on paper are only shallow to the heart and maybe forgotten soon as time goes by.

But I still hope this article can help you to have a general process when you don’t have a chance to visit the factory. That’s why I started writing this blog. If you are a professional, reading this article can also help to correct the shortcomings in the article. let more people have a better understanding of the production process of yoga mats.

I love yoga and love life!

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