Top8 Most Popular Wholesale Yoga Mat

Wholesale Yoga mat is an incredibly versatile piece of fitness equipment and an integral part of many home workout routines. Whether you go to your local yoga studio or practice at home, having a quality yoga mat that provides the right amount of grip and support is crucial. While choosing a mat may seem simple, there are many factors you need to consider, including portability, grip and touch, padding and thickness, and overall value.

Best Overall:Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

After performing more than 160 sun salutations throughout the day, the Alo Yoga Warrior Mat was our top pick in testing. We found the mat to be thick and roomy, and to provide plenty of room for intermediate flow flow.

It achieves the perfect balance of cushioning support without causing wrist fatigue in positions such as downward facing dog. The Alo mat also provides a strong grip, and with no breakage on the outside of the box, one tester said she didn’t slip once while using it. In Yin yoga practice, 5mm thickness can provide adequate support for the knees when you hold positions such as lizard or frog pose for long periods of time.

Test description: “I can’t think of any other mat I’ve tried in the last five years that has as much grip or as much support as this one. Even if its material makes the mat heavy, I’m willing to bring it to class because it rolls up so tightly.”

Since it weighs a little over 6 pounds, it’s not a light mat. However, it can be rolled into a tight coil, which makes it very lightweight. Since we tested the light color of the mat, we noticed that dirt was easy to show up. Sweat and water can also leave slight temporary stains that evaporate when you let the mat dry for a few minutes after practice.

Price at publication: $128

Wholesale Yoga Mat

Best Budget:IUGA Pro Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Wholesale Yoga Mat

While most mat made of natural rubber are heavy, the IUGA Pro non-slip yoga mat is relatively light and comfortable to carry around – 2.2 pounds (the manufacturer’s record is 2.8 pounds, but we found it lighter when we weighed it in the lab). In fact, it scored five out of five for portability because it comes with a carrying strap. The downside of such a light mat, however, is that it doesn’t have enough weight to fit perfectly flat in the box like some of the heavier ones we tested – which is why it only scored a 2 out of 5 when it came out of the box.

At 5mm thick, the IUGA was one of the grippiest pads we tested. Our testers say it even feels sticky at times. This mat performed well in our sweat test and is a great option for those who regularly practice hot yoga.

We should also note that the manufacturer said the mat was odorless, but our tester said the smell of rubber was noticeable when her head lay on the mat while she was doing the “child pose.”

Price at publication: $75

Wholesale Yoga Mat

Best Extra-Long:Lululemon The Reversible (Big) Mat 5mm

Wholesale Yoga Mat

lululemon is known for its high-quality leggings (we tested the best Lululemon leggings in the lab), and this oversized mat is a rarity for tall people. At 28 inches long, it’s the widest of any mat we tested, second only to the Manduka PRO in length. It was easy to impress our testers with its size. “As a six-footer, I can lay flat on my back and still have enough room to move around comfortably,” one tester said of the mat.

In our tests, 5mm mat consistently rated highest for padding and thickness, and this Lululemon mat is no exception (it scored a 5 on this attribute). We found that this mat provides a perfect soft yet firm cushion that supports our flow while still keeping our testers grounded.

Test description: “The mat is soft and cushioned, allowing me to fully stretch out in Warrior position. It has a good grip when I feel myself losing balance or changing position.”

Although the mat is reversible, our testers preferred the polyurethane side, finding it more absorbent, and (in dry and sweat tests) it had a better grip than the textured rubber side, which showed more dirt, slid more easily, and had a stronger aftertaste.

Price at publication: $124

Wholesale Yoga Mat

Best Non-Slip:Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

If you’ve been looking for a yoga mat and are going to invest in one that will stand the test of time, chances are you’ve at least heard of the Manduka PRO yoga mat. It is one of the highest quality yoga MATS available and is often the first choice for experienced yoga practitioners and instructors. In our tests, we found it stands up to the hype.

The Manduka PRO needs a bit of a grinding period before it becomes a rave about non-slip pad. We were so impressed with its out-of-the-box grip compared to some of the other pads we tested that we gave it a five. Our testers didn’t need to use a yoga towel to prevent sliding, as the brand recommends.

We tested the long version of the mat (which comes in two lengths) and the length increases with weight. At 8.8 pounds, the Manduka PRO is the heaviest mat we tested (notably, the manufacturer says it weighs 9.5 pounds). For such a heavy cushion, at this higher price point, it would be nice if the brand added a bag or carrying strap to the cushion. For these reasons, the mat had one of the lowest carrying, storage and care scores throughout the test (3 out of 5).

Price at time of publication: $129

Best Thick Mat:BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat

At almost 13mm long, this mat is the thickest we tested. The foam material is softer than any other material we tested, provides softer cushioning and is great for anyone with sensitive joints or who wants a versatile mat to help them with weight exercises. Since its thickness makes it a versatile mat, we give it a five for padding and thickness.

However, such a thick mat can make you feel less stable or grounded in certain positions, especially if you need to focus on balance. A thinner mat may be better for yoga, while a thicker mat is a better choice if you want to use it for Pilates or other exercises. Ultimately, the thickness of your yoga mat is a matter of personal preference.

Although it also provided good grip in the sweat test (we rated it a 4 for grip and feel), we found the mat occasionally squeaked when transitioning into certain positions. Noise can be distracting, so we don’t recommend it for those who prefer meditation practice.

Price at time of publication: $20

Best for Hot Yoga:Jade Yoga Harmony Yoga Mat

Whether you are attracted to hot yoga or just sweat while practicing, the Jade Yoga Harmony Yoga Mat is ideal. Our testers praised the 5mm cushion, giving it a score of 5 for padding and thickness.

We found it provided the optimal amount of padding without being too luxurious. The natural rubber absorbs moisture, which allows the mat to provide good traction during any workout (it has a score of 4 for grip and touch).

Test description: “This mat has been a must-have for me for over a decade, and while I don’t practice bikram yoga specifically, I can really sweat in a vinyria class. It’s easy to clean and the weight is easy to carry around the city. Also, Jade plants a tree for every mat she sells!”

This jade pad weighs less than 5 pounds, which means it’s easy to smooth out the first time you use it. It’s not the lightest mat on the market, but it’s also far from the heaviest we’ve tested. We ended up giving it a 4 out of 5 for portability – while it doesn’t include a tote or suspenders, it rolls up tightly and isn’t tiring to take from home to the studio and back again.

Price at publication: $85

Best for Home Use:Liforme Original Yoga Mat

What sets liformme apart is its bold “AlignForMe” system, which is etched into the polyurethane layer of the mat. While this can come in handy during studio classes, it really is a distinguishing feature when you don’t have a yoga instructor to help you adjust your posture. There is a small guide attached to the tote that further explains the calibration system.

Both the length and width are looser than a standard-sized mat, which means you will have plenty of room for activity flow and stretching. The 4.2mm thickness provides just the right amount of cushioning and support, and the mat’s surface provides ideal grip in both wet and dry tests.

The Ecourethane surface is PVC-free, and while our tester noted that it’s easy to see dirt and water stains, the top layer is absorbent and dries quickly, so water and sweat don’t interfere with her workouts.

Test note: “Alignment markers are very helpful for the poses I’m practicing, such as Warrior I(the 45-degree markers help align my hips) and Warrior II(the center line helps me align the inside edge of my back foot with the heel of my front foot, and the end markers help me make sure my front and back hands are aligned and parallel to the ground).”

Our testers thought this mat had a few things in common with our best overall choice, the Alo Yoga Warrior Mat. The size of the pads and the grip of the testers’ hands and feet were almost identical. But at the end of the day, the Alo mat is better value for money as it is 40% cheaper.

Price at time of publication: $150

Best for Travel:Manduka EKO Superlite Yoga Travel Mat

If you want to enjoy almost all the benefits of a first-class yoga mat in a smaller, travel-friendly package, then the Manduka eKO Superlite Travel Yoga Mat may be your best bet. Our testers liked the portability of the mat, giving it a five.

At 2.2 pounds, it’s one of the lightest rubber pads in the wet test, which is especially impressive considering it measures 71 x 24 inches. However, with a thickness of just 1.5mm, we give it 3.5 out of 5 for padding and thickness, as it may not provide adequate support for all users.

Expert says: “I’m a long-time fan of the Manduka eKO series for its use of sustainable materials, the durability of the mat and the strong grip – it only makes you practice more. In addition to being foldable and lightweight, the eKO Superlite has all the qualities I like. It hardly adds any weight to my luggage, and it provides extra cushioning when I rent mats from the studio.”

Manduka mats usually require a run-in period to achieve the stickiness and grip they are known for. Unlike the Manduka PRO, the eKO Superlite was slicker than we wanted it to be the first time around; We rate it a 3 out of 5 for grip and feel, but we’ll continue to test the mat at home and update our thoughts on grip once we’ve spent more time honing it in.

Price at publication: $49

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