How to Choose the Right Wholesale Yoga Mat?

In recent years, yoga has become more and more popular among girls. Students, office workers, or even retired middle-aged women are taking up yoga. The wholesale yoga mat is not just a set of popular fitness exercises. As a very, very ancient method of cultivating energy knowledge, yoga integrates philosophy, science, and art.

wholesale yoga mat

 So what are the benefits of yoga, let’s find out!

Create the Perfect Body Shape for Women

Through consistent yoga practice, the body has undergone significant changes: beautify the chest curve, make the waist soft and slender, firm the buttocks and beautify buttocks, but also slender legs, increase hamstring elasticity, and eliminate lower body fat. You will also have stronger control when facing the temptation of food. If you are obese due to endocrine disorders or other gynecological reasons, you can use yoga to lose weight and aerobic exercise such as running, swimming, cycling, etc., to achieve better results.

The Prevention of Chronic Diseases

With the help of yoga breathing and various postures, it can not only promote blood circulation, stretch stiff muscles, and make joints flexible, but also balance gland secretion and strengthen nerves. Of course, chronic diseases will stay away from you

Eliminate Tension and Fatigue

People who stand or sit incorrectly, or those who have been in a tense state due to work or life pressure for a long time, are naturally more prone to fatigue or burnout than usual, which may lead to abnormal breathing. The breathing method of yoga, through conscious breathing, can eliminate the exhaust gas, and virtual fire, and eliminate tension and fatigue in the body.

Maintain Youth

Unblock the meridians and blood of the whole body, activate the functions of the viscera, promote the cells to delay aging, and make the complexion rosy. Yoga can also adjust the mood so that people are always in a state of peace and joy.

Reduce Psychological Stress

Learning yoga, from the panorama of the body to the purification of the mind, is a chain reaction. When the body and mind are completely relaxed and focus on stretching the limbs, a pleasant “endorphin” will be produced in the body, calm the mind, release the tarsal emotions, make people have positive thoughts, and gradually achieve “relaxation of the body” The realm of “Peace of Mind” and “Oneness of Mind and Body”. Using yoga’s complete breathing method can strengthen the abdominal internal organs, control the speed of breathing, adjust the autonomic nervous system, and reduce the burden on yourself.

Are you excited to see the benefits of yoga? If you want to join the yoga control family, it is very important to choose a good yoga mat. Because the wholesale yoga mat is made of professional materials, laying it on the ground for practice can prevent bumps on the spine, ankle, hip bone, knee joint, and other parts. Because of its certain anti-slip properties, it can also prevent sports such as falls. damage. Faced with a dazzling variety of wholesale yoga mats on the market, how to choose?

1. Choose According to “thickness needs”

Regarding the thickness of the wholesale yoga mat, the most basic suggestion is that beginners can use a thicker, such as a 6mm thick yoga mat, to prevent sports injuries. After a certain foundation and experience, you can switch to a yoga mat with a thickness of 3.5 mm to 5 mm. Of course, if you are very afraid of “pain”, you can always use a relatively thick yoga mat for practice.

2. Choose According to the “type of yoga” you are learning

If you practice yoga that is mainly based on soft training, you often encounter the action of sitting on the mat. At this time, a thicker and softer yoga mat will make you more comfortable. However, if you are practicing a type of yoga that is more pulsating such as power yoga, flow yoga, or ashtanga yoga, then you need a thinner and harder mat, and a too soft yoga mat is inconvenient to perform movements.

If the movements you do are not so static, and you don’t sweat as much as running, it is somewhere in between, which kind of mat should you use? Thick pads (above 5mm) lose the feeling of contact with the ground, and there will be a “distortion” feeling when doing a lot of movements. In foreign countries, the vast majority of yoga practitioners like to use thin mats, which is the reason. If you feel that your knees are uncomfortable when the thin mat is doing some kneeling movements, you can put a towel under your knees.

3. Various Materials and Prices of Wholesale Yoga Mats

The level of EVA yoga mats is generally low-end and cheap. However, its water resistance is very good, it does not absorb water and is corrosion-resistant. After the wholesale yoga mat is processed, the resilience will be very high, it can be shock-proof and heat-preserving, it is resistant to severe cold and exposure, and it is comfortable and durable, so it is also loved by many people.

Yoga mat supplier

The material of the TPE yoga mat is very environmentally friendly. The wholesale yoga mat of this material is not only soft and compliant but also has an excellent anti-slip effect. When it is laid on the ground to practice yoga, it is comfortable and not tiring. It is also very light and can be carried around. The best thing is that this material can be recycled without causing environmental pollution and can be reused.

wholesale yoga mat

PVC yoga mats are durable, inexpensive, latex-free, suitable for people allergic to latex, easy to clean, and the most commonly used wholesale yoga mats. But poor slip resistance, not suitable for people who sweat a lot, and high-temperature yoga, is not environmentally friendly.

OEM yoga mat

NBR, also known as nitrile rubber, is processed by low-temperature emulsion polymerization. It is processed into a wholesale yoga mat with strong oil resistance, good wear resistance, and heat resistance, but weak elasticity and poor cold resistance, but the waterproof performance and adhesion are relatively strong, especially suitable for beginners, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, very soft, and will not be easily injured.

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The juice of the rubber tree can be made into natural latex, because it is pure natural, very healthy, and environmentally friendly, with good elasticity and not easy to deform. The wholesale yoga mat made of latex can be washed, and used repeatedly, and can also adapt to yoga lovers of different weights. It is also a very good material.

A good wholesale yoga mat can make you a better experience and enjoyment during the practice. Choose a yoga mat, practice exercises, relax, and experience inner peace.

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