Wholesale Yoga Products from China: 6 Procedures to Perform Quality Control Inspection  

Chinese manufacturers are producing and exporting yoga products in large quantities for several years, believing firmly that their primary concern is how to ensure that their products can be loved and faithfully supported by the vast number of consumers from all over the world.

The manufacturers in China will definitely check the source of raw materials, and accessories layer by layer, screen the supply of raw materials and auxiliary materials, inspect all chains online repeatedly and repeatedly, test semi-products by different methods at different points in time in the factory, multi-party inspection of offline products, as well as storage methods and storage space care, and finally deliver to the hands of yoga practitioners around the world.

Wholesale Yoga Products Supplier

Inspection of Raw Materials

Wholesale Yoga Products Company

The raw materials and auxiliary materials purchased by the Company must be notified to the quality control officer for sampling inspection before storage. The inspection shall check the appearance, measurement and testing according to the execution standards of the products, and check the batch certificate of the products or ask for the inspection period notice.

After passing the inspection, you can fill in the inspection record before handling the warehousing procedures. If the raw materials are in urgent need of warehousing, the warehouse manager must first ask the production person in charge, to confirm no error before handling the warehousing procedures, indicate the pending inspection, and inform the quality control personnel to conduct an inspection in time.

1.2 When sampling, the quality controller shall extract representative samples according to the sampling principle, indicate the source of raw materials, product name, quantity, etc., make inspection records and fill in the Inspection Report of Raw Materials and Auxiliary Materials.

1.3 In the process of inspection, quality control personnel must strictly abide by the relevant inspection methods and inspection operating procedures.

1.4 The buyer shall ask for and collect the product quality certification documents from the supplier, and make a copy for the quality control Department.

1.5 If defects and non-conforming items are found in the use of the purchased products, they shall be disposed of according to the provisions of the Control Procedure for Nonconforming Products, and necessary re-inspection shall be carried out.

1.6 For the urgent release of raw materials and auxiliary materials that have not been inspected, the production department shall apply for the purchased products that need to be used or released due to the urgent need for production and the lack of time for inspection or the verification result is not determined, and the approval procedures must be carried out. Make production records, store products in isolation or ensure product traceability.

Production Process Monitoring

Wholesale Yoga Products

The quality control officer shall supervise and inspect the production of the yoga mat according to the requirements of the process specification, and fill in the corresponding records. The process of making a traditional yoga mat involves the following steps:

2.1. Allocation of slurry: select the corresponding raw materials according to the formula to mix and stir them into a latex mixture;

2.2. Machine debugging and pulp brushing: including boiler heating and preheating, parameter setting and debugging in each area, and putting relevant slurry and mesh in place;

2.3. Pulp brushing: pull the net cloth to the needle rail, tie it tightly and smooth it, and then produce pulp brushing;

2.4. High-temperature foaming: the mesh cloth that has been brushed with slurry is pulled to the temperature chamber through the needle board for high-temperature foaming forming;

2.5. Cooling styling: After foaming molding, the temperature chamber is gradually cooled and then cooled for styling;

2.6. Flying side cutting materials: Adjust the distance of the tail tool holder and cut materials according to the order requirements.

2.7. Printing: Manual screen printing adjusts the proportion of ink to ensure the correct color, and printing is carried out after the film version of screen printing is confirmed to be correct; Digital machine printing, debugging machine value, temperature, yoga mat placement, printing after confirmation

 Finished product inspection

Wholesale Yoga Products inspection

3.1 For each batch of processed yoga mat products, the final yoga mat products shall be inspected by the quality control officer in accordance with the unified standard inspection methods and enterprise standards. The untested yoga mat products shall not be released. Before storage, must be inspected by a quality control officer qualified, fill in the “Product inspection report” after storage positioning, and delivery.

3.2 The quality control officer shall inspect the yoga mat according to the stipulated inspection standards and methods, and shall keep all the original records and keep them on file.

3.3 Quality control personnel must monitor the finished products of the yoga mats in stock, urge the warehouse to strengthen product protection work, and regularly test the products stored in the warehouse for more than three months, and establish quality inspection records. For products with quality changes, the superior shall be informed in time to formulate contingency measures.

3.4 If any nonconformity is found in the above inspection, relevant provisions in the Nonconforming Product Control Procedure shall be implemented.

3.5 Under special circumstances, if the measurement and monitoring are not completed due to delivery requirements or the test report is not received, the approval procedures must be strictly carried out when it is confirmed that exceptional release is required.

3.6 The final inspection data of yoga mat products shall be filed by Quality Control Department.

Keeping a Record of the Yoga Mat Process All the Time

4.1  Mat Inspection Report of Yoga Mats’ Raw Materials and Accessories

4.2 Yoga Mat Product Inspection Report

4.3 Monitoring Record of Yoga Mat Production Line

 Product packaging shall be carried out according to the first piece of customized packaging

Packaging workers in the process of packaging can also find defective products, such as poor printing, yoga mat tear, scratch, and the compound not strong an adhesive, such defects can be selected again. Then pack the first piece of customized packaging into the carton.

Storage of finished products

The warehouse is ventilated and dry, the air vents and fire passages are unblocked, and smoking and lampblack open flames are prohibited in the warehouse.

The wiring of the warehouse is rechecked regularly. The storage products shall be placed in the specified and standardized area, and the registration and record of exit and storage shall be made. The height shall be 30cm above the ground and the width shall be 20cm from the window.

Through the above-mentioned yoga mat from raw materials purchase, production process, printing, packaging, storage, ring closure, and layers of quality control, a yoga mat is waiting to be sent to every corner of the world. I also believe that the fans who buy our yoga mat are very relieved and trust us. Wholesale Yoga Products From China: 6 Procedures to Perform Quality Control Inspection

Because yoga MATS are made of different materials, each manufacturer will have a slightly different production process and process. tips can help you check the quality of your yoga mat when you buy it.

Tip 1:TPE material

TPE yoga mat, no chloride, no metal elements, anti-static, is a healthy environmental protection recyclable yoga material. Elastic, anti-slip is very good, and light and easy to carry. (The same thickness is 80% of the PVC material), the soft, adhesive, strong grip, placed on any ground is relatively secure.

Tip 2:XPE material

Medium prices can be customized according to customer requirements and arbitrary thickness. Good skid resistance, and good resilience. Light weight is easy to carry out and easy to clean. Disadvantages: poor water absorption. Custom too thin and easy to tear.

Tip 3:PVC material

PVC foam is cheap, durable is difficult to use. Elasticity, dry environment skid resistance is very good, strong grip, placed on any ground is more reliable. Disadvantages: poor slip resistance under wet conditions, plastic products, can not degrade, not environmentally friendly.

Tip 4:NBR material

The cushion made of NBR material has better wear resistance, cheaper in price, thicker, softer and more comfortable for a short time. Cons: Regular texture, difficult to customize. General resilience, poor skid resistance, dirt resistance.

Tip 5: Natural rubber material

The natural rubber has good smoothness, good grip, non-slip resilience, safety and environmental protection. Disadvantages: fresh unpacking smell is larger, and because of its natural texture and small holes are not easy to clean. Easy to oxidize and fade easily after a period of use. The price is higher.

Tip 6: EVA material (not recommended)

EVA is a hard styrofoam that is cheap. Easy to clean. Disadvantages: Easy to tear, elastic and skid resistance. Plastic products, the material taste is heavy, can not be degraded, not have environmental protection. Suitable for running in place, jumping rope and other sports.

Tip 7: Cork composite

The advantage of cork material is environmental protection and no smell, whether it is wet and dry skid is good. Disadvantages: More expensive, not easy to clean.

Tip 8: cotton, linen, suede and other textile compounds

Natural materials such as cotton and hemp are skin-friendly and non-irritating. Disadvantages: More expensive.

Tip 9: PU composite

Skin affinity, no irritation, good feel, strong sweat absorption ability, good anti-slip. Disadvantages: Generally composite rubber material, the price is more expensive.

There are 9 categories of yoga materials, and we have a clearer understanding of the origin of a yoga mat. On the basis of the reserve of this kind of yoga material, you can pinch the yoga mat with your thumb and index finger when buying it to see if you will leave a finger mark on the yoga mat. If the mark has not disappeared for a long time, it is not recommended to choose, and see whether the speed of the mat bounces back is enough.

Wet a small yoga mat with wet palms to mimic what happens when you sweat and see if you slip. There is no need to make a lot of water, except for the special type of Yoga with large jumps, such as Power Yoga, generally speaking, it will not sweat a lot.

Use an eraser on your yoga mat to see if it’s prone to breaking or dropping debris.
The thickness of the yoga mat is the key. The thicker the yoga mat is, the better cushioning your joints and palms, and your feet feel, and finally making your movements more comfortable.

But especially in standing positions, it also makes it harder to feel the ground and lose the stability of your movements. Just like the bed we sleep in can be very soft and comfortable, but if you stand on one leg on the bed, it can be difficult to balance. Don’t mention performing difficult asanas.

Therefore, per training stages needs to select different thicknesses as below:

A. Beginners – A medium thickness of 6-8mm is recommended to make the beginner’s yoga experience more enjoyable.
B. Middle rank -To recommend 3-6mm is also the most common thickness on the market). Gradually adapt to the different yoga positions.
C. Advanced – Pls use a 1.5-3mm thin mat to fully sense the ground and maintain a steady motion.

If you are interested in buying a yoga mat or practicing yoga, you are always warmly welcome to chat with us! Hopefully, this article will help you better evaluate the quality of your yoga mat and buy the yoga products you would like & want.

Of course, next time we can share the happiness and enjoyment of doing yoga with you, or express what you have the pleasure harvest after you start to buy yoga products and do yoga. What YOGA really does is practice the mind, a happy-go-lucky mind, like the four sentences, are spoken all the time:

1. Whoever you meet, is the right person.
2. Whatever will happen is that’s the only thing that will be happening.
3. No matter what moment it starts, it’s the right moment.
4. What is over is over, and to enjoy the joyful process of yoga in peace and quiet

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