Wholesale Yoga Strap – Definitive FAQ Guide

yoga strap is one of the many yoga accessories and it may be a particularly good one for beginners who lack flexibility or for anyone practicing yoga that still needs work in this area.

In addition to the time when the wholesale yoga strap can help bone stretching and extending posture, you can also hold the body by stretching the body only, so that the two hands can be empty and do the extension. When practicing the waist curvature or stretching of the legs, it can be used as feet or waist relying on the force!

What is a Wholesale Yoga Strap?

The wholesale yoga strap is an auxiliary tool for yoga, mainly used for practitioners with insufficient flexibility of yoga or physical flexibility. When the action of practice cannot be completed well, we can use the wholesale yoga strap to move in place.

When doing body-style movements, there are often back-to-back stretching types, standing single-foot stretching, and dance king, such as beef-faced, when both hands are close enough, you can use the extension band to transition.

If you stand on your shoulders, the camel style, when the position of the arm and legs will not too open, the stretching zone can play a role in bundling. In addition, there is a special purpose. I believe that many people can’t think of it. The stretching zone can be used to bind yoga pads.

Wholesale Yoga Strap

Which kind of Wholesale Yoga Straps Have?


Pilates special flex bands are made of durable and skin-friendly natural TPE to bring customers a stable experience, light and good elastic, suitable for most people.

Helping exercise most parts of the body( HIP, ARMS, CHEST, LEGS and upper BACK) through different postures anytime.

Wholesale Yoga Strap


It uses a thickened cotton ribbon and a strong buckle to give users a solid sense of security.

A wholesale yoga strap can easily develop a good body, say goodbye to the belly, bucket waist, and elephant legs. Portable travel, yoga at any time you want, To be much better!

Wholesale Yoga Strap Supplier


This product uses cotton+polyester.

Sweat and non-slip, keep your safety every moment.

Double ring metal buckle, corrosion resistance, not easy to rust.

Strong double ring, classic stainless steel exquisite and durable, fine wiring, strong anti-tensile capacity.

OEM Yoga Strap


Premium material, is used to strengthen the buttocks, and calf muscles, balance and strengthen the core of the body.

 Squat resistance band tension, and good resilience, squatting is a good action to improve leg strength, but also well to promote whole body strength, developed leg muscles, promote the whole body muscle growth, and improve heart function. Squatting strengthens the heart. Regular practice of squats can make the heart stronger and the hips more warped.

It can be used to rev up your workouts no matter what fitness method you use, from Cross Fit to Yoga these bands can help support increasing mobility, stamina, and strength. Just put the bands inside the carry bag and you can exercise in parks or anywhere else.

 Yoga Strap Company


MEDIUM STRETCH RESISTANCE BAND: Leg stretch band elastic material stretches out for a medium stretch band feel.

1. The whole strip is separated by multiple segments, has high elastic resistance, and meets the needs of adults/children’s yoga dances;

2. High-quality nylon+latex wire, good feel, good elasticity, widened to 4cm, greater resistance, stretching to 2 times, good recovery, long-term use of elasticity. It

3. Yoga band adds 8 commonly used practices, can it meet the needs of different types? Yoga and dance beginners can conduct stretching assistance in 8 individual formats to effectively stretch muscles. Office workers can relieve the soreness of the neck by practicing, helping correct posture, and losing weight.

Custom Yoga Strap

What Are the Characteristics and Functions of Wholesale Yoga Straps?

The wholesale yoga strap has good elasticity, and it is easy to cooperate with the movements in yoga training to achieve better plastic purposes.

Suitable for adolescents and women with relatively small strength, effectively stretch and exercise systemic muscles, stabilize posture and control stretching distance, effectively improve physical activity ability, and shape the perfect body curve.

How to Use Wholesale Yoga Straps?

There have different poses for reference:

Ship Pose

1. Straighten your legs to prepare.

2. Bend our feet slightly, step on the ground of our yoga stretching band, and grab our yoga tightly with both hands. Pay attention to breathing exercises.

3. When exhaling, leave your feet straight and leave the ground slowly, and your back should be straightened. Is it easier to get started with stretching?

Standing pose

1. Mountain-style standing posture.

2. Put your left hand with your left hand, hold the yoga stretch belt with your right hand, and prepare it on the right foot.

3. Move your body’s center of gravity to your left foot, bend your right foot slightly, and use the stretch belt assists to lift your right foot away from the ground.

After determining the center of gravity stability, the right foot is raised and extended to the right side. For help, we can easily control the raised right foot without leaving the feet straight, and the hands cannot be hooked. After the end, change the edge practice.

Ox face pose

1. Both feet can be kneeling or seated position.

2. Hand-holding stretch bands to prepare, right hand and left hand.

3. The right hand is around the back from the top to the back and the left-hand hold from the bottom to the right hand. Sometimes we don’t open the shoulder joints, and it’s more difficult to hold each other with both hands!

Some people are born with the same flexibility of the left and right hands, and it will be difficult to achieve one side. At this time, you can use the stretch belt to replace your hands, and your hands can be easily buckled behind the back to complete the noodle style. After the end, change the edge practice.

Bow pose

1. lying down on the floor.

2. Bend your right knee, hold your right ankle with a yoga stretch, and press down the right foot.

3. The left hand can support the ground, and kick the right calf backward, driving the body to leave the ground. After the upper body leaves the ground, slowly lift your head, chest, and thighs away from the ground. Maintain three breathing left and right, slowly return to the movement 1 rest, and then change the edge exercises.

Bending pose

1. The sitting position is straightened together, and the feet are boarded in the direction of the body.

2. Start up with the left foot, try to make the heels lean on the root of the thigh, and put the stretching belt on the right foot.

3. Inhale, feel the spine forward, exhale and bend forward, look for the calf, and remember to straighten your back, so that the abdomen does not matter as much as possible. During the stay, test when you exhale, then bend a little forward, and change the edge after the end.

How to Select a Suitable Wholesale Yoga Strap?

Choose the right length and width

The common yoga belt length is 180cm (6FT), but the long version of 240cm (8FT) is also very popular. For example, people with more than 160cm tall are recommended to use 240cm long products when they are straight. In addition, there is more than 300cm (10FT) styles for tall candidates.

In contrast, the width is usually more easily overlooked. The most common in commercially available products is about 4cm in width, which can be used in eclectic. In addition, there are 4.5 to 5cm wide version designs, but consumers with smaller palms may feel too wide and not easy to hold, so pay special attention before buying.

Considering the shape of the buckle ring

The yoga belt buckle is generally made of metal-based metal -like metal, so it is also called the D -shaped ring. The advantage is that it is easy to let the band pass through, and can be wrapped in a circle on the feet or hands. In addition, there are plastic buckles similar to the word “Japanese”, which is not only easy to adjust the length and not easy to slide.

Although the rare non-loop yoga belt is also very good, it is slightly more difficult when the circle is fixed, which is more suitable for skilled experts. In summary, consumers can choose a ring buckle design according to their preferences, but if you are still hesitant, it is recommended to choose a style that can adjust the length.

Choose your favorite materials and color schemes

Most of the yoga belts are cotton monochrome designs. At first glance, it feels similar to it, but if you taste careful, you can see the designer’s ingenuity alone in the color differences, the shape of the ring, and the brand trademark.

For example, in terms of color, if you want to achieve the purpose of relaxation and relief through yoga, it is recommended to choose a stable color system; if you like to practice vitality, you may wish to pick a dazzling color.

In addition to the appearance, materials, thickness and elasticity are also the key to determining whether yoga is easy to use or not. Only the products that feel comfortable can make it handier during practice.

Although the material is the mainstream of the market, there are also a few styles that use other special materials. Recently, there are much novel ingenuity displayed in the slender part of the body. Readers can carefully consider and choose a favorite. This can not only stretch the limbs correctly but also feel more pleasant.

Benefits of Having a Wholesale Yoga Strap

The wholesale yoga strap is our commonly used exercise equipment. It is very convenient to use and carry. The wholesale yoga strap has two uses. The first is as the extension of its own arm or feet, and the second is bundling.

If there is a constant request to grab the toes of the feet with your hands, but your current flexibility is not enough, then do not compromise your back in order to grab your feet, such as the front of the backstretch, standing one-foot stretch, dance king, some Asian formats need to be required to Hold each other with both hands, like a noodle style.

You can also use yoga to open your shoulders, hold the yoga belt with both hands to pull the distance with the double shoulder width and turn over the top of your head.

In order to ensure that the position of the arms and legs will not be too open, they will be tied with a yoga belt, such as standing on the shoulders and camel. The tension belt has good elasticity, and it is easy to match with the movements in yoga training to achieve better plastic purposes.

The wholesale yoga strap suitable for young people and women with less power effectively stretches and exercises the whole body muscles, stabilizes their posture and controls the stretching distance, effectively improves the ability to physical activity, and shapes the perfect body curve. Can increase the fun of exercise and change the single exercise method.

The wholesale yoga strap is generally used to exercise muscle strength, stabilize posture and control stretching distance.

It is not easy to deform, balanced tensile impedance helps to exercise a beautiful curve, effectively assist the stretching and balance of yoga movement, improve the safety and comfort of exercise, and make the perfect auxiliary tools of relaxation and practice. crack.

Whether men or women, they hope to better maintain their bodies, so it is indispensable for exercise, and it is also a way to practice yoga is also relatively easy and pleasant way. It can get rid of the general running sports Boringly, so it is naturally a better choice for many people to exercise in yoga exercises.

Because of its good elasticity, it can cooperate with various actions in practicing yoga, so it can allow yoga exercise to achieve good effects.

What Are the Precautions for Use?

1. Avoid contact with sharp objects or rough surfaces, if there is any damage found on it which should be avoided.

2. The tension band only generates resistance in a tight state. The longer the unit’s length is stretched, the greater the resistance generated.

3. The two ends of the tension should be fixed to avoid harm to users due to loosening and departure. When holding a hand, it should be at least one circle to ensure the fastness of grasping.

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