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We are a professional Yoga brick manufacturer in China, you can custom and wholesale different materials and size yoga bricks, etc.

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Yoga bricks are used to promote or increase challenging poses, aid in adjustment, and release tension. They are made of strong materials, such as foam, cork, or wood, and are usually shaped like rectangular bricks. One of the most important benefits of yoga bricks is to reduce the distance between you and the ground, promoting yoga poses that match your level of flexibility. With yoga bricks, you can easily change a challenging pose to free your body from stress and prevent injury.

Yoga Brick Featrues

Yoga brick supplier

Beveled Edges & Non-Slip Surface

Building blocks with beveled edges, 3D cutting technology, comfortable and pleasant, soft feel. It can be easily maintained by sweating.

Manufacturer yoga brick

Environmental Foam

Environmental protection EVA foam, non-toxic and tasteless. They are very easy to maintain and clean. Simply wash the stain with a mild detergent towel, or leave it outside to air dry.

OEM yoga brick

Lightweight & Portable

Each brick of lightweight design, let you go to the yoga studio, the gym, travel is very convenient.


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