Importers Must Know: Top 8 China B2B Websites to Find Yoga Product Supplier

Do you want to find a yoga product supplier to find a better price? Big Chinese B2B sites like Alibaba or Global sources offer quality goods at the best prices.

Our experts have ten years of experience and know-how in quality control. For many reasons, wholesale from China is always the best choice; Thanks to the largest wholesale market, cheap prices and high-quality goods can be obtained.

In this article, we will explore the top 8 B2B websites in China.


yoga product supplier website

The world-famous wholesale platform is the brainchild of Jack Ma.

Founded in 1999, Alibaba has become a leading Web portal that helps reliable vendors sell goods and buyers find products that fit their businesses.

The site has a myriad of products ranging from electronics and fashion accessories to furniture, vehicles and other industrial supplies!

Another key difference between using a directory like Alibaba’s and attending a trade show is that services like Alibaba’s often involve many middlemen or trading companies.

Is Alibaba safe and legit?

Yes. Alibaba is a safe and legit site with Chinese wholesale suppliers to get wholesale products. With the development of global business, there are more and more suppliers from other countries selling on Alibaba and foreign buyers. You can explore the products in categories like electronic products and fashion accessories and discuss them with your wholesale buyers.

However, Alibaba offers complete buyer safety in multiple ways discussed as

Buyer Safety

Alibaba has a buyer protection service, called Trade Assurance Service, to protect customers.

Besides, there are many ways to stay away from scams.

Alibaba Trade Assurance

Alibaba Trade Guarantee provides the necessary protection for buyers. This is a hosted service that protects your orders. If you get into trouble with a supplier, you can get your money back through a trade guarantee. There are two criteria for returning inventory through the trade Assurance Scheme. Here it is:

When the product is late
Product quality below expectations or description.

Request Alibaba’s samples

When buying from a yoga product supplier in China, asking for samples is a good option. You can discuss the quality of the product, ask for factory samples, assess the quality, and then proceed with the order.

Sometimes, yoga product suppliers do not agree to free samples. You can convince such suppliers and guarantee their commercial interests. Through negotiation, they may decide on your proposal and send you models to evaluate the overall quality of the product.

Alibaba Gold Supplier

Alibaba Gold Supplier is a senior member of Alibaba, identity verification. These Alibaba-certified suppliers pay a monthly or annual fee to Alibaba and undergo factory inspections. If they meet the criteria required by Alibaba, they receive a verification badge.

So, you can rely on such Chinese wholesale suppliers and order your inventory. Alibaba has a much larger list of yoga product suppliers than any other site.

Return & refund

yoga product supplier website

Alibaba has a return and refund policy that allows you to receive products and return them if they are of low quality or if the quality is not as described.

According to the policy, you have 30 days after the wholesale product is delivered. You need to create a dispute, provide evidence, and return the item. Once you win your case against your yoga product supplier, Alibaba’s dispute team will help you get a refund.

Payment Methods

Multiple vendors on Alibaba sell inventory and accept payment terms for the convenience of buyers. Therefore, you can find the following payment methods:

Wire transfer
Credit card
On line transmission
Western Union
Telegraphic transfer

You can choose any of these methods and pay your Chinese yoga product suppliers effortlessly.

Shipping Methods

Like other Chinese B2B sites, Alibaba offers a variety of shipping options at different shipping rates. You need to decide on these and complete shipping for your product.

Express delivery
Air Freight
Sea Freight

Delivery is a relatively fast but costly option. For bulk buyers, air and sea shipping are cheaper options.

Alibaba Dropshipping

Do you want to ship products from a B2B yoga product supplier in China? If so, as a wholesale website in China is a good choice.

Alibaba dropshipping allows different modes of transportation to ship inventory to your customers at competitive prices. You can take orders on your Shopify store, forward them to your Alibaba yoga product suppliers, and ship the product to your customers at the lowest price possible.

If you want to start Dropshipping after securing a Chinese yoga product supplier,

Check out this guide to teach you the step-by-step basics of Dropshipping.

Alibaba RFQ

yoga product supplier website

An Alibaba inquiry is a quotation request made by your Chinese yoga product supplier on Alibaba.

There are different types of Alibaba RFQS.

Invitational Quotation – Buyer invites supplier to submit product quotation.

Open Bid – Chinese suppliers can submit bids.

Sealed bid – The buyer sets a fixed price.

Reverse Auction – The bidder with the lowest price wins the project.

How to buy yoga products from Alibaba safely?

When you shop on Alibaba, you have to check

Product Reviews
Sample of Product
Number of satisfied customers
Whether the seller is verified

Global Sources

yoga product supplier website

Global Sources is a leading B2B media company and a major enabler of trade with the Greater China region. It is headquartered in Hong Kong.

More than 1 million international buyers, including 95 of the world’s top 100 retailers, use Global Sources for product and company information to help them make greater profits from overseas supply markets.

These services also provide suppliers with integrated marketing solutions to build corporate identity, generate sales leads and win buyer orders from more than 240 countries.

Unlike other online wholesalers, Global Source Market also promotes upcoming trade shows and is a highly trusted Chinese product supplier website, just like other Chinese wholesale markets.

With millions of products for buyers to choose from, it offers excellent business opportunities for both suppliers and buyers.

Buyer Safety

Sellers of Global Sources are assigned different badges to indicate their authenticity.

From verified badges to verified product and company badges, there are a number of ways buyers can get to know suppliers before finalizing business deals with them.

So, buyer’s safety is a definite shooting priority wholesaler issue.

Return & refund

Global Sources is one of the most popular websites in China’s largest wholesale market. You have 14 days to return the item to your trading company. You can get your money back after the product is returned.

Payment Methods

As with the minimum order, the payment method for Global Sources is determined by the supplier. However, the most recommended and safest channel is PayPal.

Shipping Methods

You have three basic modes of transportation to get products for your online store.

Express delivery
Air freight
Sea Freight

All of these methods vary in shipping cost and time, depending on what you choose.

Customer Reviews

Global Sources maintains a four-star rating on “Web Retailer” if you somehow take care of shipping patterns and payments, it is undoubtedly the right site to get products for your online store.

yoga product supplier website

Made in China Network is developed and operated by Focus Technology Co., LTD. Focus Technology is a pioneer and leader in e-commerce in China. The company was founded in 1996.

It provides the most complete, accurate and up-to-date information about Chinese yoga product suppliers online.

TradeKey – one of the largest b2b marketplaces in China

yoga product supplier website

Tradekey is a global company founded in 2006 with operations in several countries.

It is considered one of the largest international electronics markets in the world for import and export countries.

It connects traders with sellers, buyers, importers and exporters, manufacturers and distributors in more than 240 countries around the world, quickly and cost-effectively.

Millions of people visit TradeKey every month.

yoga product supplier website

Chinese suppliers are to promote China’s manufacturing industry and foreign trade heavy industry to create a B2B e-commerce platform.

Founded in 2006, China Suppliers have revolutionized a lot. Helps more than 64 countries.


yoga product supplier website, one of the world’s most well-known (B2B) online trading platforms, has more than 5 million products. Launched as in 1999, it was renamed in May 2006.


yoga product supplier website is one of the most unique vendor-sharing platforms in the world, bringing qualified suppliers together into one resource-sharing website.

It covers 26 specific industries with more than 1,000 sub-categories. The site also offers a variety of customization tools to help find the right yoga product supplier.


yoga product supplier website

It is an international trading platform that provides buying, selling, wholesale and payment opportunities for the business community.

Founded in 2005. In the past 10 years, China ASEAN Trading Co., Ltd. has had users in 10 countries, with more than 680 million people trading.

All in all, B2B is easy because finding the best Chinese wholesale sites has become easier, but that doesn’t mean retailers shouldn’t do their research.

Products should only be purchased if the seller is proven to be reliable and has a proven track record of selling to various buyers. If you can find the same quality product at a lower price, you will gain a greater advantage in the sales market, so that you can beat the competition.

This article aims to help you determine the most reliable wholesale website in China based on different factors.

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